New Customer Marketing Pricing Plans Are Here

By Rob Zaleski
Aug 15, 2019

ShippingEasy is constantly working to make our products more competitive based on feedback from customers and their needs. Today, we’re happy to introduce a new pricing plan update for Customer Marketing. This new pricing introduces plan types that are independent of the plan level you may have for shipping. This means you can move up and down levels without affecting what you pay for shipping.

For a quick example, if you select the plan type that offers up to 10,000 emails per month, you’ll have that allotment until your next billing date. At that time, the number of email credits will reset. This will be the same whether you have our Basic plan or Enterprise plan for shipping.

How Does Our Customer Marketing Solution Stack Up?

Our goal has always been to offer a solution that’s not only robust but also cost-effective for your business. Compared to other solutions like MailChimp, we are the best choice for the price and features online merchants want and need.

All pricing plans are based on how many emails you send instead of the number of contacts and segmented lists you have. That means unlimited contacts and unlimited lists. We don’t penalize you for growing your customer base or sending targeted email campaigns (that just means you’re doing things right!). Take a look at the comparison below to see how our new plans stack up!

Emails (up to)ShippingEasyMailchimp*Klaviyo*
5,000$14$10 - $19$20
10,000$19$19 - $49$30
25,000$39$49 - $79$100
50,000$69$74 - $99$200
100,000$99$159 - $189$400
250,000$199$260 - $299$700
500,000$349$499 - $699$1,200
3,000,000$1,199 $1,099+$1,500+

*Mailchimp and Klaviyo email prices based on sending 5 emails per month to every customer in the corresponding contact-based plan types

All the Email Features You Need to Succeed

Since we introduced Customer Marketing two years ago, we’ve elevated this solution to solve more problems. The platform’s ease of use has helped all levels of marketers succeed in their marketing efforts. Below are some of the major upgrades we’ve made along the way. No matter which plan you choose, you get the full experience offered by our email marketing solution.

All plans include these features:

  • Dynamic Marketing Dashboard
  • Drag-and-drop Template Editor
  • Beautiful Email Template Gallery
  • Updated Campaign Rules and Automation
  • Data-Driven Metrics
  • Product Recommendations
  • Amazon Feedback Requests
  • Seller and Product Review Tracking
  • And so much more now and to come!

Are you a current ShippingEasy customer? You have time to decide which Customer Marketing pricing plan will work best for you. Once you’re ready to make the switch, head to your Marketing Dashboard.

New to ShippingEasy and our Customer Marketing solution? Take it for a test drive with a 30-day free trial by clicking below. Start driving new and repeat business in minutes and make this your best year yet.

Give It a Spin!

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