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Get to know the latest ShippingEasy updates!

By Rob Zaleski
Mar 14, 2019

Did you know that we make updates (both minor and major) to our platform every week? Check out this wrap-up of our most recent releases and product updates to stay informed about what you can do in ShippingEasy.

New in shipping

See your order data with ease (note: phased roll out)

You told us you wanted more detail and larger images. Done! and headed for your dashboard now. Our new Order Details view showcases important information like the recipient’s address, order notes and product images. From here, you can edit the order or click the arrow keys to display the next or previous order.

ShippingEasy order data quickview

Auto save your order weights so you don’t have to!

Tired of weighing or editing each of your orders that are missing an order weight? ShippingEasy now gives you the option to remember order weights. As you edit weights for orders, we record these weights and apply them when the same combination of products is seen again. Check out the new automation settings to enable and make shipping the quickest part of your day.

Override the product name from your store

If the products you sell have very unique or long names on your store, you might want to simplify this for your customers when shipping their orders. Now you can! In your ShippingEasy product catalog, you can edit the name on a per-product basis, or do it in bulk. The product name override applies to order details, packing slips, pick lists, and email notifications to buyers. Learn how to override the product name used with ShippingEasy.

Print labels and packing slips by warehouse bin

ShippingEasy gives you multiple options to choose from when deciding the order in which your labels and packing slips print. The newest addition is to print by warehouse bin. On the Labels settings page, you can easily apply this new setting to save even more time when printing.

Print Amazon Prime labels faster with batch printing.

Amazon Prime is all about speed. Now, you can quickly batch print your Amazon Prime labels as they download into ShippingEasy. Choose your desired Prime orders to ship, then select your carrier, service, and package to print.

Remember, shipping Prime orders works a little differently—if just one Prime order in the batch is not eligible for a carrier service, that service will not be an option for the entire batch of shipments. See our FAQ for more information about shipping Prime orders.

Plus: Other news in the platform!

Inventory Management

Don’t waste time and money by leaving your Inventory Management to chance. Never miss a sale with ShippingEasy, while keeping just enough in stock.

Duplicate purchase orders to save time

Effortlessly duplicate purchase orders to save the hassle of making new purchase orders from scratch. This is super helpful for ordering similar items frequently from the same supplier. Make small edits and press send! Learn more about how to duplicate a purchase order to keep your inventory on track for success.

Export your purchase order as a CSV

Does your accountant need you to upload your purchase orders into another system? You can now export your purchase orders to a CSV file and easily upload into another system if needed. This includes both your awaiting and received inventory. Download from the Purchase Orders section of the Inventory Management tool.

View products without stock history

Before ShippingEasy starts sending stock updates to your stores for a SKU, it needs to have a stock value set, even if it’s zero. Otherwise, the SKU will show as “no stock history” and will not update the stock value in your stores.

We’ve made it easier to find these products so you can update the stock level to kick off stock updates! In the Product Catalog, the stock column for these products is highlighted in yellow. There’s also a filter so you can view and edit just the products with “no stock history.” Learn more about stock history and how to make adjustments.

Learn more about what we are cooking up in our platform. Click below to check out our other recent updates!

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