eBay, Label Font, Packing Slip Settings, Live chat & more!

By Jack Ship
Sep 5, 2013

We released some exciting new features and options today – a quick rundown below.

eBay – also sell on eBay?
ShippingEasy now integrates with eBay stores. So, make sure to integrate your eBay store in Settings>>Stores if you have one so we can help you ship those orders too.

Live Chat now available
Want quick answers or assistance? Too busy to pick up the phone? Live Chat now available from any page in the App.

Customs Form > 5 items
Are you running into an issue with >5 items on a Customs Form? You can easily consolidate these into just one or even a few line items provided they are similar. Though this has always been available, you had to individually select each item in order to “Delete”. Now, we’ve added a handy “Select All” so that you can bulk select and delete as many as required in 1 click. Then, simply increase the quantity of any remaining item/s to match what’s in the package.  In the example below, we will delete all but the first line item. Then, Edit the first line item by clicking “View” and update the description to be “Girls apparel” and increase the quantity to 6 to cover all items in the package. Much faster.

Label Font
In our latest Customer Survey, the font size on the Endicia Shipping labels was raised repeatedly. We hear you. Though we are unable to control the size of this font – and it is USPS approved so you don’t need to be concerned, we have capitalized the Ship To address to help. You will see this change on all shipping labels created through ShippingEasy starting today. Every little bit helps.

Packing Slips – sort the items before you print!
Another feature request from ShippingEasy users – sorting the order of items listed on your packing slips. Apparently these are just as frequently used as Pick Lists and our new display options should help better align the item list to your individual process. You will find these options in Settings>>Packing Slips.

A few other small things you’ve reported…..and now we’ve addressed:

  • Return Labels – these were triggering a 2nd confirmation email to your customers in some instances causing confusion. This has been fixed. Apologies.
  • CSV uploads – improved State mapping
  • Case sensitive login – our security measures turned out to be more pain than security. So, your username is no longer case sensitive.
  • Manual orders – order detail rollover now available on both the Orders page and Ready to Ship page.

We’re continuing to work on a stack of new features and integrations to be released all September long.

A flavor of what’s to come:

  • Great new features to save more time/improve your process; for example
    • Return shipment emails with PDF return labels – to send directly to your customers
    • Flags/Notes on the Orders page
  • More Integrations
    • UPS – yes, it’s coming!
    • 2 more surprise integrations
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