Refreshing Easter and Spring Email Marketing Campaigns

By Rob Zaleski
Mar 20, 2018
Easter and Spring email marketing

Spring is here, and with it comes the expectations of warmer weather, brighter days, Easter weekend, and the promise of new, blooming ideas. This is also true in e-commerce. Spring is an opportunity to dust off what you’ve been doing and consider a refresh, follow an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality, and brighten up your marketing with the colors of spring and Easter. Let’s cover some Easter and Spring email marketing campaign ideas!

Before we dive in, we should take a look at some design elements to note, colors to incorporate, and considerations to keep in mind.

Spring Colors Table

Pastels make an appearance during this time of year, as well as bright, happy colors. These should be reflected in your Easter and Spring email marketing, if possible. To help you out, we’ve found a list of color codes courtesy of ThoughtCo that you can use in your designs.


    • : Hex #fff700 | RGB 255,247,0 | CMYK 0,3,100,0 | PMS 395 C

Pale Yellow

    • : Hex #ffffe0 | RGB 255,255,224 | CMYK 0,0,12,0 | PMS 7485 C

Spring Green

    • : Hex #00ff7f | RGB 0, 255,127 | CMYK 100,0,50,0 | PMS 2268 C


    • : Hex #bdfcc9 | RGB 189,252,201 | CMYK 25,0,20,1 | PMS 351 C

Pale Pink

    • : Hex #ffc0cb | RGB 255,192,203 | CMYK 0,25,20,0 | PMS 182 C

Light Salmon

    • : Hex #ffa07a | RGB 255,160,122 | CMYK 0,37,52,0 | PMS 163 C


    • : Hex #b573dc | RGB 181,115,220 | CMYK 18,48,0,14 | PMS 528 C

Light Plum

    • : Hex #dda0dd | RGB 221,160,221 | CMYK 0,28,0,13 | PMS 251 C


    • : Hex #c8a2c8 | RGB 200,162,200 | CMYK 0,19,0,22 | PMS 257 C


    • : Hex #ee82ee | RGB: 238,130,238 | CMYK 0,45,0,7 | PMS 245 C

Sky Blue

    • : Hex #87ceeb | RGB 135,206,235 | CMYK 43,12,0,8 | PMS 2905 C

Robin’s Egg Blue

    • : Hex #00cccc | RGB 0,204,204 | CMYK 100,0,0,20 | PMS 3252 C


    : Hex #40e0D0 | RGB 64,224,208 | CMYK 71,0,7,12 | PMS 333 C

Don’t be afraid to spruce up images with fanciful imagery, as long as it fits your brand, and help spread the excitement of a new season (and hopefully shaking off the dregs of winter). Now, let’s get to some Easter and Spring email marketing campaign ideas.

Holiday/Spring Sales

Every holiday presents the opportunity to create excitement and offer holiday sales or specials. Easter is no different. The nice thing about Easter is it’s associated with spring, so you can double up on your messaging.



Using an email marketing tool like ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing, use some of the HEX codes listed above to create Easter and spring email marketing campaigns that feel on theme. Rather than sending a blanket newsletter, try creating a few variations that speak to different segments of your audiences. For example:

  • Customers who’ve recently purchased items
  • Top spending customers (VIPs)
  • Customers who haven’t purchased anything in the last 90 days
  • Customers who’ve purchased specific SKUs

Use these segments to cater your messaging, making them much more personalized. For your VIP customers, you could thank them for being such, and offer them exclusive deals. Customers who haven’t purchased in a while, welcome them back with an offer specific to them as a welcome-back campaign. Clearing out some inventory? Email customers who’ve purchased those SKUs and let them know they could get special pricing on those items, encouraging them to restock before the items are gone.

Specifying your messaging and subject lines like this makes emails more resonant, solidifies your relationships with your customers, and makes them feel like you get them.

Exclusive “Spring Cleaning” Email

Though spring has just sprung, you’re probably already thinking about your summer inventory. Plenty of businesses have end-of-season sales, but why not have more fun with it? Offer exclusive, first-pick sales to your subscribers, before everyone else. Encourage them to do some spring cleaning of their own, and refresh their wardrobe/home decor/coffee flavors/fragrances, or whatever you sell.

Easter and Spring email marketing campaigns

Refresh Your Newsletter

In keeping with the spring theme, why not use this opportunity to freshen up your brand look? Could your logo use some updating? How about your brand messaging? Is your newsletter getting stale? Perhaps a spring refresh is just what you need!

A/B test some designs with your audience and see what resonates with them. Ask them for feedback. What do they like, not like, and what makes them feel closer to your brand. Get them involved in the process to create a stronger affinity with your brand. You could try offering them a coupon for their input, encourage them to share with friends, create campaigns across email and social, and turn the final results into an unveiling event.

April Fool’s Day

If you’re not a brand who takes itself too seriously, take note that April 1 falls on a Monday—so some coming back from the weekend may or may not be keen to jokes. Proceed with caution. There are plenty of examples of cleverly done April Fool’s Day campaigns, and plenty of examples of those that have spectacularly flopped. You definitely don’t want to be the latter.

While there is opportunity here, we would certainly recommend thinking it through, thinking it through again, asking someone externally, then thinking one more time. When in doubt, skip it. An April Fool’s Day fiasco is not worth the damage to your brand it could cause.

All in all, Easter is an amazing time to have fun with your email campaigns and build some brand affinity with your customers. ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing solution helps e-commerce sellers create beautiful email campaigns in the same platform they ship in. No bouncing tab to tab in your browser. Learn more

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