Demystifying Customer Management for eCommerce

By Rob Zaleski
Jun 20, 2017

There’s no question in our mind that you love your customers. But when it comes to customer management, i.e. managing relationships with people buying your products, sometimes the hectic schedule of running a business can get in the way of showing them how much you care.

This is especially true as you grow and scale. Perhaps you’re using multiple tools and apps to do this already, which leaves room for errors, incompatibility among apps, and potential automation errors. Yikes!

This is why we recently released Customer Management from ShippingEasy. It allows you to manage your customer relationships and your shipping, all in one place. Let’s dive into not only the functionality and features, but also tips for managing relationships with your customers as a whole. Customer love activate in 3…2…1…

Email Campaigns That Just Work

An email template should never feel like a template. You don’t want to receive an email that basically says, “Hello, you are a person who buys things. We have things to buy. Buy from us.” Generic is off-putting. It’s time to personalize!

Now that’s not to say a template is a bad thing. They’re great for busy people like you. But you should be able to make them feel unique. A template for a couture fashion line should feel very different than one for a vape shop. With that in mind, we’ve created templates that:

  • Can be pre-populated with the customer and offer information you need
  • Allow for easy setup, or intricate customization, for numerous verticals
  • Come complete with an image library so you can get the look just right

Check out this sample campaign—built right in our Customer Management solution—received on a mobile device:
customer management mobile email
Looks shouldn’t be the only personalization, however. You need to have a list segmented to target offers and updates to specific customer types. Luckily, ShippingEasy makes that…well…easy.

When you have your order history, shipping data, and customer management all in one platform, segmentation becomes a breeze. Use your customers’ purchase histories, frequency, geography, and SKUs purchased to create email offers that are relevant and targeted. Go as broadly or fine-tuned as makes sense for the offers and communications you’re sending.

Most “set it and forget it” communications feel like they were set and forgotten, but our customer management platform helps change all of that. Want a fresh campaign for everyone who’s been a customer for, say, 90 days? How about a re-engagement campaign to rekindle the relationship with idle customers? The segmentation options available to you always keep your email marketing efforts feel fresh and personal. Automation rules allow you to set personalized messages based on orders and timing, so you can set follow-up content on autopilot with a personalized touch.

Monitor and Measure Customer Management Success

Our customers love having all their customer shipping data and purchase history available in one place. It only made sense for us to help them manage their customer relationships in a place where they’re already spending time – our dashboard! No more jumping from app to app, browser tab to browser tab.

Quick-look graphs give you at-a-glance overviews of data that lets you drill deeper into customer data. Many of our customers have shipping rules set up, which can now integrate processes for seamless and measurable interaction across your customers’ lifecycles.

For example, using Shipping Rules, you can send first-time customers a custom confirmation email with a custom coupon code. You can note those who do and do not redeem that, and use that information in your Customer Management dashboard to send follow-up emails to those who never redeemed to remind them of the special offer they received. Voila! Personal touches that let them know you’re thinking of them.

customer management shippingeasy

Get to Really Know Your Customers

Technology can help you dive deeper into who your customers are. Analyzing purchase history, behavior, frequency, and timing can help you understand how and when they’ll buy. These insights can be helpful in planning your campaigns and promotions.

There’s nothing like adding a personal touch. Always log any interaction you have with a customer (which our software allows you to do, by the way). This will help you be more prepared for future conversations, as well as marketing opportunities. As you look for software solutions, ask about means of notation, tagging, and issue logging to help you manage your customer relationships. Whatever you do, have a standardized system across the board so no matter who adds a tag to a customer, you can use that later to segment your audience for personalized messaging based on their actual experiences.

A mix of automation and human interaction will let you filter and segment your audience in a way that feels unique and personalized.

Are you ready to make your relationships with customers a bit less of a mystery? We’d love to talk you through it, and how we can help. Set up a time to check out a demo and let’s make some customer-centric magic happen.

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