Automatic Shipping Labels

Automate your label printing process. Map specific rules to your label printing based on the type of shipment, the order weight, the package size, and other attributes to remove the need to manually select the shipping you want repeatedly.

Devices Work Together

Hook your USB scale up to ShippingEasy, and the scale reading will directly auto-populate on the app itself. USB scales work seamlessly with the software.

Multiple printers can be assigned to performing specific tasks automatically. Use your thermal printer for printing shipping labels, and use your laser printer for printing packing slips and customs forms.

Auto-populate Customs Forms

Use ShippingEasy to automatically complete Customs Forms accurately and in real time. Our customized settings allow you to make international shipping a breeze, so you don’t lose any time when shipping internationally compared to domestic shipping.

Automatic Returns

Creating a return label PDF for your customer is as easy as one click on ShippingEasy. The return label is emailed directly to your customer, and you get access to the same great rates as you do for your regular shipping, nothing is different.

Automate Insurance

Automatically add insurance to packages at deep discounts, our insurance rates for shipments are the best in the industry. You can set up rules to automatically add insurance to packages over a certain value or add insurance individually, the choice is yours.

Automatic Mapping

Automatically map shipping carrier based on your customers’ preference. Pre-select mapping rules for specific order types based on size and weight to print labels automatically.

Automatic Ease

With so many ways to automate your shipping process, you will wonder how you ever got along without us. We also have InstantLabel, which allows you to automate label purchasing and printing so you don’t touch a thing!