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By Rob Zaleski
Oct 22, 2014

Good afternoon!

We launched a slew of new features and integrations that we’d like to share. We’re pushing hard to build and release a long list of requested features before the busy holiday season begins in late November. Expect to see some exciting innovations and time saving tools on a weekly basis.


Packing slips – now fully customizable with a WYSIWYG type editor. You decide which elements and information to include and where they should appear. Plus, Word like formatting tools that will be familiar to most:

Start with the DEFAULT packing slip template provided and then move things around, exclude information, include information – or create from scratch. It’s completely up to you with all the tools you need to get your Packing Slip just right:

Learn more with these step by step instructions

Email Notifications – in case you missed it, we launched similar customization options for the shipment notification emails a few weeks back. You might as well get those looking just right before the holidays are upon us. Learn more with our step by step instructions.


Mapping | Setting conditions: the ShippingEasy Rules help you automate order processing and shipping. If you haven’t already set up rules, you can find step by step instructions here. This will save you from doing repetitive tasks each day!

Expanded to 30: we have increased the total number of rules available to 30. So, if you would like to add more, there is plenty of headroom now.

Weight: you can now SET the weight of matching orders or ADD to the weight of a given order. Ideal for Daily Deal sellers who do not have weight in their stores.

Item description, Item SKU enhancement: perfect for stores where the item descriptions or SKUs match a pattern to use a single shipping rule and apply to multiple items that “Start with” or “End with” _____.

Order Total Amount: a new condition allowing you to set rules based on the total order value (eg revenue contribution)

New Integrations:

We have added many new integrations with both store platforms and inventory management providers:

International Savings:

If you ship more than 20 international orders per day and would like dramatically reduced rates to get your orders overseas, email support and we will get you set up.

Coming Soon:

  • Order page column customization (move where you want, see what you want)
  • Quickbooks
  • OpenCart
  • Rate comparisons
  • CSV enhancements – including speed and tracking #s parsed back
  • More scale support
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