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The State of Click-N-Ship 2016, Changes and Rates

By Oliver Trunkett, Jan 28, 2016

Click-N-Ship, trusty source for printing shipping labels online from Used by thousands of individuals and businesses around the country, is a free and (not so) easy way to print shipping labels from home across a variety of USPS Shipping Services, and used to provide a discount over getting your labels made at the Post Office..

However, along with the recent USPS rate hike on all of its existing shipping services, they also implemented changes to Click-N-Ship. This quick post will let you know the rates available on Click-N-Ship along with everything they’ve changed and/or removed.

Update 1/30/2016

Regional Rates are back for Click-N-Ship effective January 30, 2016. They will be using the rates set by the United States Postal Service from the January 17 rate increases.

Click-N-Ship Regional Rates 2016


Summary of everything changed in Click-N-Ship

  • Increased rates from Commercial Base Pricing up to Retail Rates (what you would pay at the post office)
  • Removed Regional Rate shipping label option (this has since been found out to be a mistake and they will be adding Regional Rate back soon enough, however what they will charge is unknown)

This means you can only use Click-N-Ship currently to print shipping labels for Priority Mail, Flat Rate, and Express shipping services at Retail rates. When you combine the switch to retail rates along with the rate hike from USPS, Click-N-Ship does not seem to be as cheap or appealing of a choice as it did in the past.

The issue with Regional Rate being removed and being added back.

Regional Rate is an “online only” service, meaning that if you choose to purchase a Regional Rate label at the post office, they will add a charge of $2.25 for a shipment going to Zones 1-4, or a charge of $1.00 for a shipment going to Zones 5-9. This is tricky for Click-N-Ship, as they are now “retail rates”. Will the eventual re-addition of Regional Rate back into Click-N-Ship tack on the additional $2.25/$1.00 fee to every shipment? Time will tell when Regional Rate is re-introduced.

Everything you currently can’t do with Click-N-Ship

  • Print labels with a discount of any kind
  • Print First Class Package labels
  • Print Regional Rate labels (although this functionality will be added back soon)

Current 2016 Rates available on Click-N-Ship

Below are the prices you will pay for labels on all available services for Click-N-Ship. If you want cheaper discounted rates for Commercial Base Pricing, I recommend the ShippingEasy Starter Plan and for Commercial Plus Pricing and even steeper discounts, I recommend ShippingEasy’s higher level plans.

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If you want to compare Retail vs Commercial Base vs Commercial Plus pricing for Priority Mail, check our Priority Mail Rate Calculator.

Click-N-Ship Priority Mail Flat Rate 2016 Rates


Click-N-Ship Priority Mail 2016 Rates


Click-N-Ship Priority Mail Express Flat Rate 2016 Rates


Click-N-Ship Priority Mail Express 2016 Rates



This is a good way to see everything that’s changed with Click-N-Ship. If you have any questions about Click-N-Ship and how it has affected your business or there is some big update with the service, contact


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