How to Brand the eCommerce Shipping Experience

By Baillee Perkins
Nov 22, 2019
Learn how to brand your business's eCommerce experience with ShippingEasy!

Your customers are visiting multiple websites a day, so how do you stand out?  Brands and businesses are moving to the eCommerce space in droves, so customers have more options now than ever before. Branding every step of the customer journey and eCommerce shipping experience is crucial, and your business has the opportunity to create a memorable customer experience at every turn. 

Packing slips

Packing slips are often seen as a basic part of the e-commerce shipping process, but they’re another way for your business to stand out. Packing slips provide customers with all order information they need including information for returns, company contact information, and what should be in their package, so they’re more than just a slip of paper! 

Packing slips are also a great place to insert product recommendations based on your customers’ purchases. Include a clear product name and/or short website link to the product, so it’s easy for customers to find the products (and help you track conversions).  ShippingEasy gives users almost unlimited customization options for packing slips, so you can add notes and other unique touches to show your customers how much your business cares. 

Build Customer Relationships Product Recommendations

Branded Tracking

Beyond the anticipation of a new package, customers want to be around to receive their package or know when the person they bought the package for receives it. For these reasons, they may be checking the tracking link frequently to know exactly when a package arrives.

Tracking emails are another pivotal moment for your branding, so ShippingEasy has a free Branded Tracking feature for customer notifications. Branded Tracking helps you create a custom landing page that includes your company logo, links to your social pages and website(s), and includes tracking information and a visual progress indicator.

Branded Tracking for e-commerce shipping email templates from ShippingEasy

Linking a customer to your website gives you more control over the experience they have; it increases the opportunities for upsells and cross-sells, brings customers back to your website/social pages for engagement, and encourages email signups. You can also gather important metrics to see what resonates with customers on a dashboard that displays all this information in one place.

Branded Tracking dashboard from ShippingEasy

Custom Packaging

Shipping materials from USPS, FedEx, and UPS are handy because they can be ordered online, delivered right to your door, and provide great cost savings for your business. However, your business does have the option for branded packaging in your eCommerce shipping.

Your packaging is the last thing your customer experiences before they open their shipment to get their product(s), so branding your box is another opportunity to give your customers a personalized experience. 

The image below is from our partner, Brandable Box, and is a good example of a unique, branded box. Brandable Box has a strong commitment to sustainable practices, meaning their products are all made from recycled materials. 

Custom packaging
Image Source: Brandable Box

While there are a lot of creative images to use on your branded packaging, a big thing to note is including photos or imagery of products within your packages can affect your insurance coverage. If you have any questions on designs with those pictures, we recommend reaching out to your carrier directly. 


Creating a great experience for your customers is crucial in the eCommerce space. Customizing your packing slips can streamline your customers’ return process and give them product recommendations for similar items. Using ShippingEasy’s Branded Tracking feature adds a personalized touch to the traditional order emails your customers receive and includes social media links to boost customer engagement. Branded packaging makes your boxes stand out and help add to your customers’ excitement when they receive their package. Don’t be afraid to unbox your creative to give your customers an experience that keeps them coming back. 

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