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By Rob Zaleski
Oct 5, 2017
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We’ve all heard the old adage that it’s easier and cheaper to keep a current customer than go out and find a new one. But what kind of things should you be doing as an online retailer to continue giving value to, and getting value from, your current customers? That’s where our newest addition to ShippingEasy’s Customer Management add-on comes in—Automated Email Marketing Campaigns!

Now you can easily act on your customer data and set up automated marketing emails to go out based on specific triggers you set up. You can use these to get feedback and product reviews, update customers on the status of their order, or provide coupons to reward new or longtime customers and keep them coming back to your store.

ShippingEasy’s Automated Email Marketing Campaigns are quick and easy to set up, then are simply set-it-and-forget-it tools. In addition, we’ve created a library of plug-and-play templates to make setup a snap. Take a look at the first round of these templates below (more to come!).

automated email marketing templates

Here are a couple examples of how these can be used:

  • Reward new customers: set up a trigger to send an email to first time buyers
    • Choose the “Welcome to Our Store” email
    • Customize with your logo and a specific coupon code
    • Set your triggers for “If [First Time Buyer] [Is True], [Send Immediately] after [Order is downloaded]”
    • Schedule to run indefinitely, hands-free
  • Get feedback on your order and shipping processes from customers
    • Choose the “How Did We Do?” template
    • No specific customization needed, your store name and contact email will pull in automatically
    • Set your triggers for “If [Order Total] is greater than or equal to [0], [Wait and Send] [5] days after an order has [Shipped]”
    • This way, the order should have time to arrive, depending on shipping speed, and you can get real feedback from a hopefully happy customer

These are just a couple examples of how quick and easy ShippingEasy’s Automated Email Marketing Campaigns are to set up. Save time, increase orders, and gain repeat business, all in one place—automatically! Prefer a visual? See how easy it is to set up Automated Email Marketing Campaigns in this short video below!

Ready to use set-it-and-forget-it automation to grow your business and connect with customers? Use the buttons below to get started!

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