How Amazon Seller Tools Make You a Better Seller

By Rob Zaleski
Oct 18, 2018
Amazon seller tools better sellers

The Amazon Seller program makes it possible for smaller companies to make their mark and compete against larger brands. However, you may be leaving profits on the table if you’re not using robust Amazon seller tools to smooth out different business processes and maximize your sales potential.

We’ve previously discussed some of our favorite Amazon Seller tools currently available. Now we’d like to highlight how they can have a positive impact on your business. Using Amazon seller tools can get rid of time-consuming manual processes and help you provide better service to your customers.

They Can Streamline Your Shipping Process

Today’s consumers have certain expectations when it comes to receiving their packages. Amazon’s two-day shipping forever changed how today’s consumers view the shipping process. They expect it to be fast and on time, with no product mix-ups. Consistently meeting these expectations is a great way to earn customer loyalty and repeat business. Luckily, there are Amazon seller tools available to solve many problems that online sellers deal with in response to these expectations.

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Taking advantage of shipping software does more than gain you access to the most competitive USPS shipping rates. Any shipping software worth using will streamline your shipping workflows to remove much of the manual work involved in shipping. Things like automatically sending tracking numbers to your customers, letting you set priority tags for Amazon orders, and the ability to manage multi-channel fulfillment all in one place are time-saving elements that any Amazon seller can appreciate.

They Can Help With Feedback Management

Negative reviews can have a devastating impact on sellers. Amazon now uses automation when deciding whether to suspend or even ban sellers based on too much negative feedback. Sellers can have little recourse and end up with tons of inventory they can’t sell.

This makes managing your reputation with customers and prospective customers paramount to your success. Amazon has strict rules about how to go about this, so whatever Amazon seller tools you employ to do this need to comply.

Damage control aside, you also need to be actively encouraging reviews from your customers. This can be a time-consuming venture. Automating that process with emails that encourage action is a must. When you have a constant stream of seller and product reviews posted to your pages, customers (and Amazon) take notice.

ShippingEasy’s Amazon Feedback Request tool allows you to automate seller and product review requests to send at just the right time in your customers’ lifecycles.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard and lose your hard-earned business this way. Gain control over your brand perception and business reputation, and watch your business grow.

They Can Help Your Products Rank Higher on Results Pages

Amazon had 2.64 billion visitors browse their site from desktops and mobile devices from February to July 2018. Most of them know what they want and enter keywords into the search engine hoping to be taken directly to them. Having the right keywords on your product pages allows them to rank higher for these viewers, increasing exposure and leading to more sales.

It’s imperative you keep up with keywords corresponding to your products and how well they’re currently doing in the Amazon marketplace. A keyword tool should be part of your Amazon seller tools stack, as it will allow you to see the most common phrases users enter relating to your products. How many of them do you have infused in your product pages? Are you certain you know exactly how people search for your products? A keyword research tool can certainly help define this.

You can also use the tools for analysis of which keywords your competitors use frequently. Staying on top of this can help you figure out better bidding strategies for any ads you run, and gain an edge in your marketplace. Getting your products in front of customers increases sales opportunities for your company. We think it’s important for sellers to use every available advantage.

Speaking of search results, your reputation as a seller on Amazon plays into the search algorithm, reinforcing the first point we made about managing that aspect of your business.

They Can Keep Your Inventory Organized

You do nothing to endear yourself to customers by always being out of a product they need. Why should they bother returning to you if you never have what they want?

Using an inventory management tool helps your entire process run seamlessly in a single platform. You can receive alerts when the stock is low, allowing you to fill out your inventory and not miss out on sales during a critical period.

The Right Amazon Seller Tools for the Job

Of course, using a disparate set of Amazon seller tools isn’t quite recommended. You should find tools that work together seamlessly, and if possible, encapsulate multiple tools in a single platform. That’s what ShippingEasy’s Amazon Seller Suite is—a suite of shipping and automated feedback requests, all within a single platform. Learn more by clicking below. You can even start a 30-day free trial or speak to an Amazon Specialist to get started before the busy holiday season hits!

Try Amazon Seller Suite

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