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Flat Rate Green (FRG) Pricing is only available at ShippingEasy! With FRG, you get access to steep savings on certain package types.

ShippingEasy customers knock dollars off the cost of each label with Flat Rate Green. 

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  • ShippingEasy integrates with Amazon + all other major shopping carts, platforms and marketplaces.
  • Automated updates back to Amazon timed to keep ratings high
  • Combine, split, filter, sort  – hover to see every last order detail imaginable – do it your way.
  • Reporting tools – customize, export, email at set intervals
  • World class service. Phone, chat and email support from 7am-7pm CST.
  • Easy set up – or let us help you! 1-on-1 training & configuration  included – on the phone, with an expert!

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