Grow Your Business by Selling on Walmart

Thanks so much to those who attended our webinar with Chris Januszewski from Walmart. If you missed the webinar, or just want to catch some of the details again, please feel free to check out the replay below. Bookmark this page and use it as a resource as you get set up on Walmart!

To access your application to sell on Walmart, head here.

Check out some of the highlights:

  • Audience size available to you through Walmart (4:00)
  • What Walmart looks for from potential selling partners (7:00)
  • Different levels of working with Walmart (9:31)
  • Criteria for selling on Walmart (10:20)
  • Differences between being a supplier, drop ship vendor, and selling on Walmart Marketplace (11:27)
  • How does Walmart Marketplace work? (14:45)
  • Best-in-class Walmart partner characteristics (15:40)
  • Keys to success (16:40)
  • Walmart’s delivery promise to customers & free shipping thresholds (23:16)
  • Marketplace tools, resources, and Knowledge Base (27:25)
  • Testimonials (31:12)
  • Starting your application (32:57)
  • Q&A section (34:02)
  • Next steps and getting started (36:04)

As we mentioned above, once you’re ready to go, you can fill out the application here to get everything set and start selling on Walmart just in time for the holidays!
Also, for further reading and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Walmart Marketplace Knowledge Base.