Interview with Our Team Member: Sarah




What do you do at ShippingEasy? 

I work on the Sales Team, where I sell our wonderful product to a variety of inbound and outbound acquired customers. My days consist of a well-rounded work diet of phone calls, closing deals, playing ping pong, and attempting to be the office DJ (until someone gets mad at my decisions).

What do you like about your specific role?

I really enjoy the interesting people I talk to daily from all over the country, and even the world sometimes. In past sales jobs I sold products that, in all honesty, didn’t always benefit our customers. At ShippingEasy, that just isn’t the case – we are saving people both money and valuable time. I am not always fully driven by money, so the fact that I am being paid to actually help people really fuels my fire.

What is your favorite thing about working at ShippingEasy?

The people I work with. We have a blast together inside and outside of the office. It’s wonderful inside the office because we are constantly supporting each other and making sure that everyone is successful. In sales, not every day is going to be the best day ever, and everyone is aware of that. But we make it a point to have each other’s backs and make the not-so-easy days a fun time together! Another great aspect is how open and approachable the higher-ups are. Whether you want to sing karaoke with them at happy hour, or just chat with them in the office, there is absolutely no intimidation!

If you were talking to an applicant for a role at ShippingEasy, what would you tell them about working here?

This is such an incredible opportunity for you to further your career. Working here provides a “work-hard play-hard” atmosphere that is just so awesome to be a part of. If you work hard, you will be rewarded for it! And you will be working hard for a company that believes in it’s product and it’s employees. I also must add that we have weekly happy hours, an arcade-style basketball game, surprise ice cream socials, games, and a plethora of fun competitions with great prizes.

If you had to name 1 reason that someone should want to work at ShippingEasy, what would it be? 

It’s rewarding. This job is rewarding in so many different ways. It’s sales, so yes the monetary rewards are definitely there. But it’s the amazing people that make it so easy to want to come to work in the morning, as great friendships are made. You will also learn a lot about business. Between weekly “stand-ups” and monthly Business Updates, you learn the ins-and-outs of the industry first-hand, gaining knowledge and skills that can definitely improve your day-to-day life as well as benefit you in the future.


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