ShippingEasy Customer Management Features

Automated Marketing Emails

  • Library of plug-and-play templates
  • Powerful rules engine
  • Trigger emails on order process, shipping, and delivery
  • Automatically request product reviews for items in order
  • Send email confirmation when order is being processed
  • Send emails based on order value
  • Send emails based on if first-time or repeat buyer
  • Send emails based on products in order

Email Campaign Management

  • Create & Track Email Campaigns
  • View Campaign Dashboards
  • Fully customizable plug-and-play templates
  • Fully manage your customer Lists
  • Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists
  • Image Library
  • View Unsubscribed Customers
  • Snapshot of Email Opens & Customer Clicks

Customer Management

  • Consolidate Customers Across all Channels
  • View Customer Contact Details
  • Segment Customers by Purchase Habits
  • Email History
  • Add Customer Notes and Track Issues
  • Tag Customers Based on Commonalities

Customer Segmentation

  • Filter & Tag Customers
  • View Order Values & Frequency
  • View Customer Purchase History
  • List of SKU Purchased
  • Snapshot of Customer Geography
  • View Customers Impacted by On-Hold SKUs