ShippingEasy API

Easily add support for sending order data to a ShippingEasy account or retrieving order/shipment information. The ShippingEasy Shipping API supports both order insertion and a query or request capability. It has been used by hundreds of customers and partners to build easy shipping API integrations to sales channels and accounting/inventory/warehouse systems.

Send order data from your app, platform, or enterprise system

Your Platform Supported

If you sell on a platform that ShippingEasy does not support out of the box, never fear! Sending orders to your ShippingEasy account is a breeze with our multi-carrier shipping API.

Shipment Notifications

For every order sent in via the ShippingEasy API, our app will notify your system when each shipment is created in ShippingEasy. That way your system stays in sync!

Query Capabilities

If you just need to read order and shipment information from a ShippingEasy account, that's no problem. Our query feature provides extensive search features to give you just the data you need for your specific API request.