Case Study:

Sand Cloud Towels

A non-profit outdoor goods retailer, Sand Cloud Towels saves valuable time shipping with batching and customization shipping rules.

Customer Highlights

What is the biggest benefit of shipping with ShippingEasy?

"ShippingEasy is user friendly! As our brand gained recognition, we hired new employees to help pack and they picked up on how to use ShippingEasy really quickly. We had one person printing labels and four people packing. ShippingEasy’s reporting feature helped us keep our inventory and SKUs under control as well as keep an eye on our postage spend which is super important. The cost of shipping was the second biggest expense after inventory, so the reports helped us keep an eye on how much we needed to charge for shipping while remaining competitive in the market.

ShippingEasy has helped save us hours in a day with batching and customization with Shipping Rules. As we continue to grow, we can feel confident that our shipping process will not need to change due to the time saving rules we have already implemented with ShippingEasy."

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

"Two years ago, we were still trying to figure out how to market our brand – so there were less orders. We had a couple of orders a week and were typing the addresses in a Microsoft Word doc and taping them to the shipping bag. When we started getting a few more orders, we found which was a major step up from what we were doing at first. With, we were manually importing orders and printing the labels from a thermal printer. Then as our order volume really picked up, we felt the strain. We couldn’t batch and there was no customization or automation. So, about six months ago, we began looking for other options. As we were getting even more traction and orders were pouring in, we needed a solution that could keep us ahead of our incoming orders.

When we first started using ShippingEasy, we were getting 20 orders a day. We worked with a ShippingEasy rep who listened to our pain points and made recommendations. We knew we wanted automation – so they helped us set up Shipping Rules. We saw the benefits immediately! On top of that, the direct integration to Shopify proved it was a better fit for what we needed. We could batch orders and customize rules to fit our needs. As summertime approached and the demand for our product grew, we were seeing a few hundred orders per day. With the training and support team, we were able to automate everything. Shipping was seamless!"

What is your favorite feature in ShippingEasy?

"Shipping Rules have automated our process – allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business. Prior to ShippingEasy, we had increased advertising and were researching what shipping programs other companies were using and read about their experiences. We assessed whether ShippingEasy was able to support the volume we were expecting. It’s always intimidating to start something new, but we knew with the amount of orders we were seeing, we needed a long term solution. The transition was seamless and ShippingEasy was simple so my team could pick up right away. The customer service was on point and we could call in whenever we had a question. The support team was always friendly and quick to help. We love ShippingEasy because it saves us time allowing us more time to save the fishes!"

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