Single vs. Multiple Stores


For many online sellers, distributing products across multiple stores/marketplaces is a good way to broaden reach and increase sales.

shipping store considerations

  • Multiple Stores: If you sell on multiple sites, having a shipping solution is an invaluable way to consolidate orders from all sources, simplify their management, and increase the efficiency (and ROI) of your fulfillment processes. Working from multiple back ends is tedious, complicates training of your shipping staff, and requires your shipping process to support the quirks of the various selling platforms—making it more difficult to optimize.
  • Single Store: Even with a single store, a shipping solution will allow a direct integration with your store—and, more importantly, your orders. This direct integration will eliminate the copying and pasting of addresses and order details while enabling real-time updates of tracking information back to your store along with status updates related to each order’s status (e.g., “shipped” vs. “awaiting fulfilment”).

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