International Shipping Local & Legal Requirements


Each country you decide to offer international shipping to will have their own unique requirements to getting shipments to that customer’s home. You must consider each country’s requirement for accepting international shipments to see if it is ultimately worth it to offer your products to.


Localization Requirements for International Shipping

While Google Translate™ is great, in order to reach the full potential market in many foreign countries you will want to consider content in the local language; there may be cultural considerations regarding the way content is presented as well. This can impose a huge incremental expense in terms of both set up and ongoing maintenance. One example being product pages must be properly translated across all languages when a product changes.

Legal Requirements

Countries have widely varying laws regarding online information privacy and related disclosure/consent requirements.

Be sure to understand these requirements and your ability to absorb the cost of compliance when evaluating target countries.

Export.Gov’s foreign market intelligence tool is a good place to start researching legal requirements—and also contains a wealth of other information on doing business in foreign countries.

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