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Free Shipping Software

Our STARTER plan: Ship up to 50 packages per month, completely FREE (and get discounted USPS shipping with ShippingEasy Starter Rates)
NOTE: lower rates available on paid plans

$0 / month

Discounted Shipping Rates

Discounts on USPS postage including:

  • Immediate access to ShippingEasy Starter Rates (save up to 38%)
  • Better savings available with Commercial Plus Pricing (view plans)
  • First Class Packages
  • Priority Mail & PM Express
  • Flat Rate Boxes / Envelopes
  • Regional Rate Boxes
  • View all Discounted USPS rates
  • Integrate your UPS and FedEx account/s and ship with your negotiated rates.

All Orders, One Place

Professional Shipping

ShippingEasy allows you to:

  • Fast browser printing for any workflow using a laser printer, thermal printer, or both
  • Print labels, packing slips, picklists, and customs forms
  • Send branded shipment and delivery confirmation emails automatically
  • Real-time tracking information sent to your customers and stores
  • Provide fast and simple returns, and much more.
  • View all features.

Save on shipping with the popular ShippingEasy Starter Plan

Improve customer experience

ShippingEasy offers powerful features to improve your customers’ experience with expedited shipping and customized packing once only delivered by the largest eCommerce stores. Print branded packing slips to include in your shipments, send shipment confirmation and tracking# emails automatically, and provide customers with easy returns. 

Easy Order Management

Complete order management with easy to use tools. Take an order and:

  • Sort it, filter it
  • Combine it, split it
  • Pick it, pack it
  • Batch it, hold it
  • Categorize it, arrange it, color code it
  • Edit it, note it, gift it

We provide the flexibility to manage things your way. Endless options and customizable fields to keep things organized and orderly.

Customer Marketing & Automated Emails

This $3 add-on gets you 500 emails and everything you need to create beautiful, targeted email campaigns:

  • Email templates that will dazzle customers and encourage them to act
  • Better email segmentation – use factors like purchase history and lifetime value to create hyper-targeted emails
  • All selling channels – all customers from all channels in one place – no downloads and uploads required
  • Unlimited customers/subscribers – unlike other email marketing tools, there is no limit to the number of customers, subscribers or lists you can manage
  • Campaign reporting – providing real time feedback on campaign effectiveness and which customer segments are responding
  • Everything you need to know about your customers like order history, notes and communications logs, and custom segmentation tags

View all Customer Marketing features

Resources to help you grow

ShippingEasy wants to see you succeed in shipping and in eCommerce. We have multiple guides and resources to help you optimize your shipping process, including The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Shipping. The less time you spend shipping, the more time you have to grow your business. Our customers report time savings of 50-80% after adopting our software. Read more about why online sellers love ShippingEasy.

Ready to start shipping like a pro?

Common Questions about the Starter Plan

What type of online seller is the Starter plan for?

ShippingEasy’s Starter plan is perfect for online e-commerce sellers shipping out less than 50 orders per month –  but want a shipping solution that offers competitive rates and professional labels without incurring a monthly fee.

Why do you need my credit card for free software?

Credit cards are required for purchasing the postage to ship your orders. There is NO FEE for using the software. If you choose to upgrade your plan beyond starter, the same card will be used for your monthly subscription. If you remain on the Starter plan, you won’t be charged for anything other than the exact postage purchased for your shipping labels.

Do I need to pay for a separate Endicia account?

NO! The ShippingEasy Starter Plan comes with a free Endicia account included, a $15.95 monthly value that you will never be charged for.

What happens if I go over 50 shipments?

We will alert you anytime you get to 90% of your plan level in a given month. Our intention is NOT to charge you and give you an opportunity to decide whether it’s time to upgrade to a paid plan. As your business grows, you might upgrade your plan to the ShippingEasy Basic level, which allows for 500 monthly shipments, award-winning live chat, phone, and email support, and even better rates on USPS postage.

How long does it take to set up and learn?

ShippingEasy is quick and simple to set up. Utilize our online knowledgebase for step by step set-up instructions for everything from integrating your selling platform up to shipping out your first order.

Ready to take your shipping to the next level?