ShippingEasy’s Feedback Management Solution Creates Growth for People’s Choice Beef Jerky

Business Growth with ShippingEasy

“ShippingEasy’s Feedback Management has allowed us to compete on Amazon with larger players in the industry and is central to our success. It gives us the tools to do that and so much more.”

Brian Bianchetti

People’s Choice Beef Jerky owner Brian Bianchetti is a fourth-generation leader for his company. The business has been around since 1929 and is based in downtown Los Angeles. As a successful Amazon seller, he understands how reviews can impact his business and brand in a very competitive atmosphere. Brian used a solution outside of ShippingEasy to monitor the health of his products and respond to customer feedback but it was an extra program that he had to maintain each month. Once ShippingEasy released the Amazon Feedback Management tool along with Product Review Tracking, he switched to the single platform experience. One of Brian’s biggest reasons? “We switched everything over because we use ShippingEasy for all of our shipping, so it made sense to bring it all into one system. It was super seamless and incredibly easy.”

He has a small operation that has experienced a high level of success and Amazon has allowed him to compete with bigger players. They do this best by communicating their brand and brand promise via review feedback: “Reaching out to customers for their feedback, having that personal touch, and getting them to engage and leave a positive review goes a really long way to drive new growth and find new customers.”

True Value in Feedback Management

With ShippingEasy, the robust solution for product review management, Brian found increased email marketing success and is looking towards a bright future of happy customers and growth in sales.

Customer Service Leveled Up

Brian understands that customer success sets them apart in their competitive business and an essential part of that is having an easy way to interact with customers. Now that they can access quick snapshots of feedback with trend insights, they can dedicate staff to monitor and respond to reviews. Customers get the attention they need quickly and promptly while People’s Choice Jerky’s reputation grows.

“We can now put a procedure into place and dedicate a person to monitor and respond to customers. ShippingEasy’s Amazon Feedback Management has allowed us to grow in such a positive way.”

Better Business Decisions Made

Product reviews not only give Brian a way to communicate with his customers, but it also allows him to follow trends to make better business and product decisions. He can search for products that are performing well and find ways to mimic their success. On the other hand, he can quickly diagnose products that are performing poorly. This has become invaluable and streamlines growing his business.

“The ability to get business insights on a granular level is highly valuable. It’s been really important for our Amazon business overall. We can check the health of our products and brand and that assists in us making good decisions for the business.”

Get Ahead of Issues

Gaining full visibility of the health of the products gives Brian a direct view of any products that are performing poorly and why. His team is more diligent than ever on Amazon. He owns his brand on Amazon so any type of feedback is taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

“ShippingEasy offers a really effective tool for us to keep a pulse on how consumers and customers are interacting with our products and we can diagnose potential problems.”

Campaign Success and Wins

Brian and his team have taken the time to create meaningful content for their customers and it shows! They are experiencing an average open rate of 27% with over 75,000 emails sent over the past year. With the addition of product review tracking, they can see historical data for the types of reviews received and make changes accordingly. These numbers are staggering and he had this to say:

“It has leveled the playing field in a lot of ways. ShippingEasy is super central to the success we’ve had and our future growth.”

People's Choice Beef Jerky - Made with Purpose

People’s Choice Beef Jerky provides quality food products proudly crafted in the USA from exclusively American Beef. With tons of flavor and a powerful taste, they meet all of your jerky needs.

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