ShippingEasy Customer Guide: 5 Must-Have Email Campaigns

Envelope with paper inside next to a checklist on a clipboard

As an e-commerce merchant, you don’t have spare time to constantly come up with creative email campaign ideas that will grab your customers’ attention. Use the five we’ve provided below to get started on your campaigns:

1. Time Limited Coupons

During quieter times of the month, brighten your customers’ inboxes with a time-sensitive coupon code to clear out old inventory and boost sales. As a ShippingEasy customer, you can also find ready-to-customize templates for first-time buyers and general automated offers in Customer Marketing.

2. The Win-Back Email

Email automation saves time and money. One important campaign to activate is our Lapsed Customer Winback. Sometimes an incentive like
a discount, free shipping, or a free downloadable resource (e.g. an eBook) is enough to re-engage them.

3. Your Company’s Story

As a small business owner, you may have a relatable story that will build trust and awareness with your customers. Let them know with a short intro into how you got started shortly after they’ve made their first purchase with the first-time buyer coupon automated campaign.

4. Featured Product Release

Send your VIP customers a sneak preview or a special discount code to show appreciation before the general announcement of new products to the public. Doing so builds brand advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing. People tend to trust feedback from others online, so potentially even encourage your VIPs to help break the news of new products.

5. Event Invitation

Whether you exist solely online or have a brick-and-mortar, too, hosting an event is a fun way to bring your customers together and create an experience around your brand. Online events can be just as fun! Set a date and time, get creative with your invites and incentives, and engage customers in a new way.

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