Mini Subject Line Guide

Subject line of an email inside an envelope

Powerful subject lines encourage your audience to open an email and see what it’s all about. Without a subject line that entices recipients to peek inside, all the rest of the work you’ve put into your email campaigns is wasted.

The optimal length for subject lines is around 41 characters; however, even shorter subject lines tend to see higher open rates. Solid subject lines are personal, relevant, and detailed. Gone are the days of cryptic, salesy subject lines that attempt to trick readers into opening. Your audience will appreciate an authentic, human-centered approach.

Consider these tips when crafting a subject line:

1. Add value.

Let your customers know what they’ll receive when they open the email, whether that’s 10% off or a sneak peek at a new product release.

2. Make it personal.

Target specific segments of customers so you can write subject lines that feel relevant and individual. Nothing gets deleted faster than a generic mass email.

3. Describe contents accurately.

Avoid cryptic messaging like “open now for a special surprise”. Your subject line should be clear and to-the-point.

4. A/B test.

The best way to find what works for your audience is by A/B
testing subject lines. Compare the two emails’ results to see which performed better, and let that inform future campaigns’ subject lines.

5. Don’t overdo it on the emojis.

Yes, we like them too, but different operating systems will render different versions of emojis, so know what you’re sending before you do.

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