How to Improve Your Metrics

Animated man with metrics of bar and circle graphs

Each sent campaign is a learning opportunity for improving your next campaign. We have gathered some of the reasons behind what drives certain metrics and how you can build your next campaign more effectively than the last.

1. Keep ‘spammy’ words out of subject lines.

Words like “Free”, all caps, and phrases in the body of your email like “you have provided permission”,
“full refund”, etc. are a risky move. ISP’s are constantly scanning for emails that should be moved to junk, so don’t let yours fall into the trap with these avoidable mistakes.

2. Use images and videos sparingly.

The majority of your email should be Text/HTML and not super image or video heavy (images and video carry weight and can slow your delivery time).

3. Maintain a solid sender reputation.

A spam filter’s job is to rate how familiar or relevant you are with your recipients. Sender Reputation
is the most important factor used to determine email acceptance by an ISP. A sender’s reputation
is monitored by a variety of factors and is linked either to the domain or the IP address from which the emails are sent or a combination of both.
ISPs often use external companies to provide sender reputation data so that they can screen emails against it. (ShippingEasy uses SendGrid, so you’re safe sending emails out from our Customer Marketing tool!)

4. Monitor the relationship between subject lines and open rates.

If your open rate is super low, take a look at
your subject line. It needs to be compelling and attention-grabbing, yet clear and to the point. Decent open rates range from 15-25%.

5. Ask yourself: Is my content compelling?

If you’re seeing low click-through-rates, create compelling content and CTAs that inspire your subscribers to take action. For example, your anchor text (text that includes a link to your offer, product or article) should be compelling and inspire readers to click through. It’s also important to draw the reader’s eye to your CTA so consider highlighting and emboldening the text to help it stand out. If these tactics don’t work, it’s worth re-examining your offer and ensuring that it provides the maximum value possible for your target audience.

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