Anatomy of an E-Commerce Email

E-commerce email

Understanding the different components of your email body content will help you design a campaign that’s effective, meaningful, and valuable to your target audience.

1. Well-Planned Preheader Text

Your preheader text (40-70 characters) should be an extension of your subject line. On some email clients, this area is visible as a preview to the email in your recipient’s inbox. Make it catchy, relevant, and valuable to entice the recipient to open your email!

2. Brand Identity

Be sure to include a logo and imagery with your company name and colors to ensure brand recognizability. This familiarity establishes trust and communicates who the sender is right away.

3. Bold & Compelling Imagery

Include a nice header image with a bold and centered CTA (call-to-action) as well as high res photos in the body of your email. Be mindful of email clients that don’t automatically display images – add alt text so if the image doesn’t display, a descriptor will.

4. Front & Center Call-to-Action

Never underestimate the power of placement and boldness in your CTA button. Ensure your button is visible, clickable, and engaging. Action-oriented words like “shop now” or “yes, give me that” drive movement and improve your click-through-rate.

5. Featured Products

Featuring items from your inventory is another great opportunity for driving traffic back to your store. Don’t forget to hyperlink the image with the product page as well as add both a description and a CTA button below the product.

6. Product Recommendations

If you are able to set up product recommendations (there are a few requirements that can be found in our app), then don’t miss out on the opportunity to get more of your products in front of your audience. You can add this variable with a single click after your recommendations are set up!

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