Case Study: Shipping Efficiency = LuLaRoe Success

How Mark Spence used ShippingEasy to increase efficiency and grow his business
while finding more time to spend with friends and family.

How Mark Found ShippingEasy

LuLaRoe Case Study testimonial

Over two years ago, Mark Spence saw opportunity in the popular LuLaRoe clothing brand. He decided to become a LuLaRoe Retailer, gathered inventory, and threw his launch party. When orders came rolling in, he realized he had a dilemma. Mark wasn’t sure how to send packages or how to get the best rates for his packages. He began looking for something that could help him figure it all out.

A quick call to ShippingEasy Customer Success led to a consultation where he was walked through the process and set up for success. He not only learned how to efficiently use the ShippingEasy software, he received help on setting up his printer and hardware, and ensuring all his labels printed properly.

Now Mark doesn’t have the same worries getting the best shipping rates or being able to effectively ship quickly all over the country. This has given Mark the time he needs to grow his business and become one of the most influential LuLaRoe sellers in the country.

How it all came together

Using ShippingEasy—the only shipping solution directly integrated with Bless—drastically increased Mark's efficiency. So we asked him to explain how that affected his business, his personal life, and what advice he has for other LuLaRoe Retailers.

Measurable Benefits

ShippingEasy's direct integration with Bless has proven to be a life saver for LuLaRoe Retailers. With the automatic order import from Bless to ShippingEasy upon a paid invoice, retailers can quickly print labels without having to constantly verify, re-upload, and review orders. Mark says now that he’s no longer spending hours preparing shipments.

“It would take me several more hours to populate shipping labels correctly, export .CSV files and verify orders. This has saved me HOURS of repetitious work.”

75% Year-Over-Year Growth

From where he first started out to where he is now, Mark has seen his business's orders pacing to grow over 75% year-over-year, with customers all across the country. Without the need to focus on the logistics and the intricacies of shipping, Mark can focus on growing relationships with the customers in his LuLaRoe Shopping Group, turning them into repeat customers. ShippingEasy continues to meet his needs, no matter the size of his business.

"One of the greatest things about ShippingEasy is that it grew with me. There was never a time where ShippingEasy didn’t work for the quantity of packages I was shipping."

More Time Doing What He Loves

ShippingEasy’s Bless integration removes hours of work from Mark’s day. The time afforded to him not only lets him focus on growing his community of customers, but also spend valuable time with his friends and family. This helps him strike a balance between being an entrepreneur and having time to foster the relationships that mean so much to him.

“ShippingEasy has given me back so much time since it’s Integration with the Bless application. I can now quickly generate labels, ship items, and then get extra time to spend with those I care about the most.”

Advice for Other LuLaRoe Retailers

Mark’s advice to anyone who is currently a LuLaRoe Retailer, or is thinking about becoming one, is to always focus on efficiency. As a LuLaRoe Retailer, you should always be looking to improve the processes in your business that take away from the things you love doing. Take advantage of mechanisms and applications (like ShippingEasy) that can help to decrease the time you spend away from your family and clients; giving you the opportunity to more of the things you love.

“Always strive to improve your processes so you can get more out the blessings of being an entrepreneur and having a business schedule based around your life and priorities.”

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