ShippingEasy + Kickstarter

Going from 0 to 1,000+ orders overnight - exciting but challenging.
ShippingEasy helps! Easy to use shipping software plus exceptional service.


Print labels in-house

Easily print thousands of shipping labels quickly, all completely in-house. Getting that first batch of Kickstarter orders out is no simple task, and ShippingEasy is designed to simplify the process, and our customer support can help any time you get stuck.

The entire shipping experience

ShippingEasy covers much of the manual and error-prone aspects of shipping. Automatically pull in and parse addresses, no copy-paste. Send confirmation tracking emails to customers automatically. Print return labels easily. That and much, much more.


Kickstarter is a great platform to get your product or business off the ground. However, there is no sudden increase in growth without growing pains. Shipping can be a lot more complex and daunting than most people realize. Make sure you are prepared with ShippingEasy.// //

Kickstarter campaigns use ShippingEasy to fulfill their campaign and future orders.

Not Just Software

Baking Memories 4 Kids shared many of the same growing pains that Kickstarter campaigns receive: a huge increase in orders that needed to be fulfilled, only their deadline immediately! See how ShippingEasy helped them process thousands of orders in a few hours.

Consultation + Service

There’s a lot that goes into shipping. Carrier selection, finding the best shipping service for your product mix, sending tracking information, handling returns. Processing shipping manually simply doesn’t scale, getting a shipping solution to send out your first Kickstarter orders will set you up for future success, and ShippingEasy will help along the way.

Want to see if ShippingEasy can help with Kickstarter order fulfillment?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy is shipping fulfillment software that pulls in your orders from any marketplace or e-commerce platform you sell on. From the ShippingEasy dashboard, you can process orders, print discounted shipping labels, send automated tracking # emails to customers, manage returns, and much more.

How will ShippingEasy help my Kickstarter campaign?

Kickstarter users commonly have hundreds, if not thousands, of orders to fulfill all at once. Accurately processing, fulfilling and shipping orders is challenging with large quantities and in many cases, limited experience with fulfillment. ShippingEasy’s software and support can help you quickly get through your entire order queue fast without compromising accuracy or forgoing customized everything in honor of your new brand!

Want to truly simplify and optimize your shipping process?

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