Case Study:

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm

How Kauffman's Fruit Farm, a family-owned produce provider, saves time and money with ShippingEasy.

Customer Highlights

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

"I absolutely love the ease of use. Our flow has improved with saved selections. This saves us an incredible amount of time. Not to mention the Commercial Plus Pricing. With our previous solutions, we did not have access to Commercial Plus Pricing. When we started with ShippingEasy, we were able to utilize USPS because of the deep discounts.

Support has been pretty good. I represent two businesses and we use ShippingEasy for both. For my side business, the customer service has been really important. One time, I called in and a ShippingEasy rep was able to add a side feature that didn’t come with our plan type. It was simple and fast and it allows companies like ours a competitive advantage."

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

"Before ShippingEasy, we were using multiple solutions. We had a separate shipping software for each channel. There was one platform we were selling on that required two separate solutions; one for receiving and one for shipping. Scale integrations were nonexistent and we were constantly trying to figure out where the orders were coming from. I knew there had to be a better solution so I spent hours and hours researching. We were burned by other shipping solutions so we were a little hesitant, but were enticed by the list of features ShippingEasy was able to offer. ShippingEasy was very up front with their capabilities while some other competitors were very general. This was a few years ago but the ease of use has been incredible and continues to be to this day."

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

"We’ve saved a lot of money with Commercial Plus Pricing and we’ve saved a lot of time. The biggest benefit is we can easily integrate our different stores and marketplaces into one solution and tracking is sent back to our stores automatically. We can see who placed the order as well as what they purchased. We have one store that doesn’t integrate, but we are able to upload a CSV. We do this several times a day and although uploading CSV files is never a simple process, ShippingEasy allows us to map fields and quickly upload orders without having to manually enter them.

One feature that has improved our workflow has been users. We can set up users with different print stations and scales. Since ShippingEasy is cloud based, you can change the setting from one workstation and it updates for all."

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