eCommerceBytes: Get FREE Shipping Software for the Holidays

ShippingEasy is offering its shipping solution to eCommerceBytes readers completely FREE until 2015. Orders download directly from your website and marketplaces in real time. Leverage advanced automation features, batch shipping, mapping, rules and automatic inventory and order update as you ship.  And, you’ll always enjoy the best USPS rates – up to 46% off. ALL PLANS, truly free, starting today until January 1, 2015!


  • Use the solution completely FREE until 2015! It’s our gift to you.
  • Save your hard-earned money for gifts with up to 46% off USPS rates
  • Free Endicia account included in all ShippingEasy plans for printing USPS labels.


  • Automate repetitive decisions with rules
  • Use IF/THEN mapping, such as IF parcel >2lbs, THEN map to specific carrier
  • Batch orders up to 200 at a time
  • Use ConnectEasy to map printing. For example, USPS labels on one printer and FedEx labels on another


  • Automatically sync all channels –  eBay, Amazon, Etsy and your website – with ShippingEasy
  • ShippingEasy parses back store updates and tracking numbers to Stitch Labs keeping all channels in sync
  • Access all carriers in a single system: USPS, FedEx, and UPS