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Crochet hooks and knitting needles sold in 94 countries
Live Customer Support
Was a gamechanger and major deciding factor for Furls Crochet to adopt ShippingEasy
Shipping Reports
Help Furls Crochet know which customers to communicate with at crucial moments that count

Harrison Richards is the founder of Furls Crochet, a company he says makes the “best crochet hooks and knitting needles on earth.” After seeing his company’s products, you’ll be inclined to agree!

When Harrison was searching for a shipping solution that worked well with Shopify, he wanted something cost-effective and that would work with his current fulfillment workflows. ShippingEasy’s 30-day trial encouraged him to pick up the platform and give it a try, and he’s never looked back.

“ShippingEasy has been an invaluable tool to help us get orders out.” —Harrison Richards, Founder of Furls Crochet

As Furls Crochet grows and brings on more staff, ShippingEasy’s user-friendly and intuitive interface make it easy for new staff use the platform to ship products to customers.

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