The E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Flat Rate Shipping

All the major carriers—USPS, FedEx, and UPS—now offer a flat rate shipping service. UPS offers Simple Rate, FedEx has One Rate, and USPS has Priority Mail Flate Rate and Regional Rate options.

When does USPS come out as the most cost-effective flat-rate option over other methods? When should you recommend flat-rate over regular Priority Mail and when shouldn’t you? What about Regional Rate? Our E-commerce Seller’s Guide to Flat Rate Shipping is the only resource you’ll need to:

  • Understand and compare the specifics: Each flat rate shipping option has its own unique set of options and nuances, including free supplies or the ability to use your own supplies. We extrapolate the details of each.
  • The pros and cons of using flat-rate shipping: This guide explains when it might be appropriate to consider flat-rate shipping and when it might not make sense for your customers’ businesses. At-a-glance tables break down all the comparisons.
  • Packaging types and price comparisons: There are similarities and differences that can make comparing each option difficult. This guide gives you quick-reference tables to view comparable services from each carrier.
  • Find the most cost-effective flat-rate option for varying sets of shipping parameters: Quickly determine where USPS wins for a package based on its size tier, volume, and destination zone.