Flat Rate Black: we'll beat your current cubic rates

You’re likely already using cubic rates to ship your packages, so you know how complicated it can be. But with ShippingEasy’s Flat Rate Black, we make it easier and cheaper. Use our handy calculator to see how much you’ll save over your current cubic rates.

Even better, the ShippingEasy app automatically calculates the lowest possible rates for you when you add package dimensions, so you save money with zero extra effort.

<<---Give the calculator a try and see your Flat Rate Black rates!

Flat Rate Black Savings, Exclusively for You!

Save time and money so you can focus on growing your business.


  • Flat Rate Black provides savings over your current cubic rates, a discount typically reserved for only the highest-volume shippers
  • These discounts go well beyond Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Pricing
  • See below for an example of savings seen on a package going to Zone 5


  • Zero guesswork—our app automatically calculates the best rates for your packages
  • Cubic shipping is complicated, but our app simplifies the process for you automatically
  • Set up your package dimensions and we’ll always pick the BEST shipping rate: weight-based or volume-based (Flat Rate Black) rates


  • A Cubic Rates Specialist will walk you through exactly how cubic works, and help you save every penny
  • We personally educate you on how to set up repeatable automation, taking the guesswork out of finding the best rates
  • Our dedicated service team is always just an email, chat, or phone call away to answer any future rate questions you have

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