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ShippingEasy is here to help grow your business. Our knowledgeable experts can assist you in optimizing and automating your warehouse fulfillment workflows. We offer Solution Consultations for our largest customers (at no cost!) to reduce the time and money spent on warehouse order fulfillment, simplifying every step of your process. Continue reading to learn more about Andrew's consultations for Warehouse Fulfillment & Shipping.

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Over the last 4 years, he’s helped optimize the order fulfillment process for hundreds of customers. Andrew’s knowledge of advanced workflows and best practices have saved customers hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. He’s helped numerous high-growth customers revise their process to keep up with their business.

Warehouse & Order Fulfillment Consultations Include:

  • Warehouse Organization
  • Workflow Strategies for picking and packing
  • Quality Control, including barcode scanning

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Describe a time where you helped a customer optimize their picking and packing process by utilizing barcode scanning.

An enterprise customer signed up with us and needed to utilize barcode scanning in conjunction with a catalog of over 30,000 part numbers and sophisticated shipping automation rules.

I suggested GroovePacker, one of our partners that could provide the scan and print capability they were looking for. We facilitated the import of their complex product catalog into GroovePacker.

We continued to streamline the picking process by customizing the pick list data and the order it was printed in to make it more efficient. Within the ShippingEasy platform, we were also able to optimize their shipping automation rules to make them even more efficient and maintainable.  Altogether, we helped them set up and process over 4,000 labels in less than 3 days!

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What’s an example of a warehouse layout recommendation that improved a customer’s order fulfillment process?

We have a customer that was printing packing slips and then picking orders one by one. This can work well for some customers, but based on their product mix and warehouse layout, they weren’t operating as efficiently as they could. The problem was an employee would visit the same specific bin location dozens of times in a short span.

To improve this part of their workflow, we began printing pick lists by item instead of order. From there, we created a packing station. A team picks everything needed with a pick list, while the packer assembles the orders and prints labels. They immediately saw a decrease in picking and packing times.

The amount of time wasted moving among the warehouse was significantly reduced by switching to this “pick list first” method. Amortized over the year, this saved them thousands of dollars and allowed them to continue growing while delaying the need for additional resources to scale capacity.

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What is a good example of when you saved a customer money based on shipping rules?

“I helped a customer utilize Flat Rate Green, which is our cubic rate. They ship about 2,000 packages a month, with 10% of them qualifying for this service. We set up shipping automation rules based on zone, package and weight.

By automatically selecting packages that qualify for Flat Rate Green, they save $2 – $5 each, and up to $1000 per month on shipping costs alone. Not to mention the time savings. This was a big win for their business.”

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