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ShippingEasy automates your shipping processes so you can grow your business. We have knowledgeable experts like Josh who help you strategize and improve your order fulfillment workflows. This full onboarding experience—at no cost—implements the ShippingEasy platform specifically for your business, creating a seamless transition. Continue reading to learn more about consultations Josh leads for Merchant Fulfillment & Shipping.

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Since joining ShippingEasy, Josh has worked to identify the most important shipping configuration needs of e-commerce businesses. With his extensive knowledge of how merchants fulfill orders, Josh improves the way our largest customers spend their day shipping. He has onboarded hundreds of unique customers across numerous industries and optimized their specific workflows.

Your consultation with Josh includes:

  • Pick, pack, and shipping automation
  • Account and workstation setup
  • Order fulfillment optimization

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ShippingEasy Merchant Fulfillment Expert Josh

Share an example of how you've helped to streamline a customer's shipping processes.

I worked with a company that printed orders one-by-one, with no real organization to their process. They spent numerous hours and employee resources to just barely meet their shipping deadline every day.

I came in with a fresh set of eyes and diagnosed a couple root problems in their shipping process. We introduced their shipping team to pick lists, SKUs printed at the bottom of the labels, and shipping automation rules. Now, after picking their products, they can batch print those orders in two clicks.

This helped their team cut shipping time by half.  No more surprises during the shipping process. Now they glide through their daily shipping with less stress. 

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How do you assist customers new to shipping automation and make time savings easy?

New software can be intimidating, so we are with you each step of the way. I typically introduce a few automation tools and help you gradually evolve your process over time.

Shipping can be complicated, but we can often automate 60% – 80% of your daily shipping tasks and remove a ton of busy work from your day. That’s time you can spend focusing on your business.

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How do you help customers get back to growing their business?

For online sellers and merchants, efficient shipping is a necessity for delivering customer satisfaction.

ShippingEasy was designed for fast-moving, entrepreneurial-minded businesses who would rather focus on building their business than processing shipping.

Investing a small amount of time with a shipping expert like me streamlines your order fulfillment processes. That way you can get back to doing what you love: growing your business and focusing on your customers.

Josh is ready to help you and your business