Meet Lindsay, our featured Revenue Growth & Email Marketing Expert!

Say hello to Lindsay, one of ShippingEasy's knowledgeable experts who assist you in creating email marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and revenue. We even help you set up email automation customized to your e-commerce business, simplifying email marketing. Continue reading to learn more about Lindsay's consultations for Email Marketing.

Get To Know Lindsay...

Lindsay has an extensive background in creating email marketing content that converts interest into sales and revenue for your business. Her primary focus is elevating your brand online with valuable and relevant content and design. She is your personal kickstarter to success when it comes to email marketing campaigns that drive revenue. 

Revenue and Email Marketing Consultations Include:

  • Strategic and customized content design
  • Customer segmentation to improve performance
  • Automated campaigns to drive recurring revenue

How do you help customers elevate their brand?

I’ve consulted with hundreds of customers. For each customer, I research their brand prior to our consultation in order to gather as much information as I can, gathering content ideas and assets. I can then build out a custom campaign ahead of our consultation.

During our time together, we discuss the anatomy of the campaign and ensure that it aligns with their marketing goals. My main goal of the meeting is to bring confidence to the customer that they can accomplish all of this in less than 30 minutes so they can drive a connection with their customer base.


What’s an example of how you've helped a customer generate more revenue?

I recently had a consultation with a clothing retailer who did not have any previous email marketing experience. I designed a custom campaign for her, and we sent the email out while on the phone together—resulting in sales in just a few short days.

This put the customer on track to drive a +3,700% ROI for the month just with weekly promotional campaigns.

Mix in seasonal promo campaigns with some automated e-commerce email campaigns and she can expect to see great results!

What’s one of the best features of customer marketing?

I love our Automated Campaigns – with hardly any effort and just a few minutes to select the logic, our customers can set up automated campaigns to go out to their customers.

These campaigns can be segmented by leveraging the customer purchase history in the ShippingEasy platform to deliver the most relevant campaigns and increase performance. 

These can range from welcome emails to product reviews requests. You can turn on the campaigns and never worry about them again!

How can working with you save money and time?

ShippingEasy is always striving to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing e-commerce atmosphere. With my assistance, customers can generate compelling content in no time.

I jump start this by designing custom assets that would typically be expensive and time-consuming. But you don’t need a ritzy agency or much time to get started. Think of me as the wizard behind the curtains.

As your accessible email marketing expert, I will build a custom campaign for you and help guide you through email marketing best practices, tips, and tricks so that you feel more confident reaching out to your customers with a campaign that converts.