Case Study:

Simplifying Processes for CCGCastle

A specialty provider of card games, miniatures and collectibles, CCGCastle used ShippingEasy to simplify shipping and increase overall efficiency.

Customer Highlights

Can you describe what your inventory management process was like originally?

"One of the largest benefits we get, from the web application, is being able to access it anywhere. I might be on the road when a customer calls in and says his shipping address is wrong. Instead of waiting to get to the office, opening an application and manually editing it, (hopefully before it shipped), I can immediately open the web application and change the address to ensure it gets to the right place. Another great thing is being able to access our order and shipping stats, including costs, online from anywhere! This is a huge benefit!"

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

"Our process before ShippingEasy was unfortunately a little cumbersome. Since we have all Apple computer products at the office, and we were using ShipWorks, we had to install Windows on our Mac – using an emulator, install ShipWorks, and try to connect the printers. We had an application that worked, but wasn’t very fast – and when problems arose, was difficult to fix.
I believe we were prompted to try out ShippingEasy, based on some ads we had seen on the web. I had not seen or heard of a web-based shipping solution yet, and thought it would be interesting! I also had some reservations for the same reasons. Was it easy to access? Was the application customizable enough? Would it support the volume of shipments we had? Would it be easy to learn or use? Fortunately all the answers turned out to be yes!"

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

"A great thing I have enjoyed is the ability to customize repeat types of orders, and set up weights for items so that we don’t have to weigh every order every single time one goes out the door. If we are shipping the same item 100 times a day, the weight stays in the system and we just print the label! This is a huge time saver! I would say this is by far my favorite feature of ShippingEasy, and it truly has made shipping…easy."

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