Case Study: Finding 3PL Success With ShippingEasy

How CBO Solutions gained more customers, grew their business, and increased efficiency with the right shipping solution.

Before Finding ShippingEasy

“I really cannot stress enough how much ShippingEasy has helped this business grow. My customers need answers right away… being able to pick up the phone and call, having someone answer right away really sets ShippingEasy apart from the rest.”

Tiffany Pierson, VP & Operations Manager

Tiffany Pierson is Vice President & Operations Manager of Custom Back Office Solutions, a 3PL business. She was tired of losing thousands of hours manually inputting weights and dimensions into carrier websites to find the best shipping rates for her customers. She knew there had to be a better way to streamline her processes while still providing the best shipping options for her products.

The time and human hours saved by using ShippingEasy allow Tiffany and her team to increase the revenue of projects in the warehouse, acquire new customers and boost their volume output by 1,200%. That’s not a typo. From new customer acquisition efforts and streamlined customer processes, CBO Solutions has seen transformative results.

We sat down with Tiffany to learn more about how CBO Solutions has streamlined its process to become the business it is today.

How It All Came Together

Right Carriers, Right Clients

The ability to quickly identify the right carrier and service across a wide variety of clients’ products has been a game changer for Tiff and her staff. ShippingEasy opens shipping options CBO Solutions didn’t have access to previously, which CBO Solutions could then pass on to clients. As their client base grew, so did more options and negotiated rates, creating a cycle of savings for everyone.

“Being able to choose the right shipping carrier and method has changed the game for us. One client may need their product sent USPS while another one will benefit from a different carrier. This has given us so many options and allowed us to grow even more by finding the right carrier/ship method for each client, while also giving them a choice."

Increasing Clients

Tiff says that ShippingEasy has become a major selling point for clients because the platform allows them to connect their stores easily and includes automation that lets them accomplish so much in a single platform. The quick rate comparison within the ShippingEasy dashboard allows Tiff and her staff rapidly identify the most cost-effective shipping method, passing the cost savings on to clients. All these factors make it easier for CBO Solutions to sell their services to clients.

“Customers are excited that we can connect to their software, get their orders, and push back the tracking without any manual entry—which leaves less room for human error. Without ShippingEasy, I know that we would not be where we are today!"

Real Business Impact

Since starting to use ShippingEasy, CBO Solutions has added five new employees and nearly 20 new clients. Printing pick lists for all orders from a specific client has streamlined their picking process and saved hours in that process. Volume has increased 1,200% without being a burden on Tiff and her team. The increased volume and client base opens up more shipping options for CBO Solutions, which in turn opens up more opportunities for their clients.

"We now work with carriers that we did not previously work with. This has opened up different shipping methods (especially international) that include lower rates which we did not have access to before. This has allowed us to bring in more clients and ship more products."

Service Makes an Impact

One of the differentiating factors for Tiff is the level of service she receives from ShippingEasy Customer Support. Not only does she stay abreast of industry knowledge that ShippingEasy shares with her, she knows one-to-one help only a phone call away. The peace of mind Tiff gets from being able to talk through processes with a real person who is invested in her success. No waiting on a response for hours or days.

"Knowing what’s going on lets me make better decisions on how to get the best of everything for my clients. The ShippingEasy team is so knowledgeable."

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