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We spoke to Lily at Little Loving Hands about ShippingEasy and this is what she had to say…

What is the biggest benefit of using ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy has facilitated our ability to allow customers to easily return their beautiful crafts to the charities that we spotlight. It’s helped us tremendously with our logistics and cost management by allowing us to easily print the return labels and include them with our shipments to our customers.  We have shipped thousands of kits out to customers all over the country and they have been able to use the return labels to send in their crafts to help those in need. We save a good amount of postage by getting the Commercial Plus Rates through USPS.

Customer service is one of the key reasons I stay with ShippingEasy. Starting from the early setup days to now, I’ve been able to always find an expert to help guide me to the best options.

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

In the very early days, I would walk every single package to the post office. Obviously, that was tiring on the feet, so I quickly realized I needed a solution and one that was backed by a team of experts. My challenges prior to using ShippingEasy was the lack of options and scalability. I was determined to grow the business and I knew I wanted to reach people all over the country so that I could spread the mission of teaching kids empathy. Searching for solutions, I read great reviews on ShippingEasy. I had zero reservations when starting because the first month allowed us to try it for free.

What is your favorite feature in ShippingEasy?

I have a unique requirement for return labels that can be generated as a large batch, but only charged for when used. ShippingEasy’s integration with Endicia’s pay-per-use return has saved us a lot of money and makes it simple to process the orders. Shipping is so important to us since we depend on it not just to get our product to our customers, but also to make it easy for our customers (the kids) to send their beautiful and special craft creations to the charities in need. While the batch upload and management of ShippingEasy is great, the best benefits I have from using the system is the commercial shipping rates and the pay-per-use return options.

A little about Little Loving Hands…

Little Loving Hands provides parents and caretakers a fun and educational method to engage children in learning about the importance of empathy and being kind. If you’re interested in learning more about Little Loving Hands, visit their website.


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