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How Shipping Easy Helped Tatro Toys Expand

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Tatro Toy’s mission is to encourage “expression through imagination.” Some of their magnetic toy sets allow kids to fit different magnetic pieces onto a background to express themself. Through play, Will Bario says, “They find their voice. When they find their voice, they can be heard. When they can be heard, they can affect positive change in the world.”

This is a great parallel for how ShippingEasy helps merchants grow and find their own place in the e-commerce world. Finding the right shipping software means more than finding something for “right now.” You also need to find a platform that will scale with you and also allow you to scale. This is what led Tatro Toys to choose ShippingEasy. As you grow, you build upon that foundation.

Branded Shipping

“Overall, branded shipping emails show that we care as much about our shipping process as the products we build,”

Branding is an important part of growing businesses. Carving out a lane for your brand requires standing out. The more you can elevate your brand, the better your business will do. Branding isn’t all ads and omnichannel marketing, either. Sometimes something like a high-quality email works well. As Will Bario of Tatro Toys put it:

“One of the best functions has been the branded emails for shipping/tracking. The consistency of the branded emails during the shipping process lets us take the customer from the website to fulfillment in a seamless way.”

Save on Shipping

“One factor for choosing ShippingEasy was the commercial rates. And now we can toggle between USPS or UPS, whichever is less expensive.”

Shipping is both costly and time-consuming. A major growth factor for businesses starting out online is offering affordable shipping. This benefits both the customer and the merchant. Even easier is when cost-saving features also save time. One way that this helps is simplifying checkout for customers. As Bario puts it, “Our first year, this allowed us to offer free shipping across our site. In the second year, we decided to charge flat shipping.”

Scalable Shipping

Shipping needs don’t stay the same. As your company grows and matures, its needs change and you want to be able to have your business adapt as smoothly as possible. Training teams on shipping software can be time-consuming and you don’t want to switch if you don’t have to.

“Once someone understands the process it is easy to implement.”

Bario says that scalability and unified processes were a deciding factor in choosing ShippingEasy. This has also kept them with ShippingEasy as they’ve grown. For something that touches as many parts of their business, ShippingEasy ties these processes together into an efficient process.

Bario says the biggest value of choosing and staying with ShippingEasy has been “scalability functions of the platform and consistent branding. Also, getting alerts for lower carrier options has been helpful.”

Tatro Toys – Hand-Built Magnetic Toys

Tatro® Toys is more than just a toy company. They make hand-built magnetic toys for kids to play with for hours. Create a world of imaginative play for your whole family. A portion of all proceeds are donated to organizations that spark creativity in kids.

Learn more about Tatro Toys.

Key Results

  • Ability to simplify checkout experience with free and flat rate shipping with ShippingEasy's access to discounted shipping rates
  • Seamless customer experience with branded tracking pages and customizable delivery notifications
  • ShippingEasy's unique features enable scalability and optimization of shipping workflows

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