Shipping Software for UPS | E-commerce solution provider

ShippingEasy is an approved UPS Ready Program partner. Offering direct integrations with your website and marketplace seller accounts to auto-download orders in real time. No more double handling. Seamless shipping for UPS - just plug in your UPS Account to see your negotiated rates and print certified UPS labels with ease.

AUTOMATION: mapping | rules

  • Shipping Rules let you assign UPS service options based on IF, THEN type statements
  • IF your buyer says Ground, THEN the order can be automatically mapped to UPS Ground
  • IF your order is a certain weight range, THEN map to a certain package and service

WORLDSHIP: same benefits

  • Get accurate shipping rates (YOUR UPS negotiated rates)
  • Validate customer addresses before orders ship
  • Complete international forms automatically
  • Expedite customs clearance with UPS Paperless® Invoice

INTEGRATIONS: order details synced

  • Sync ORDER and CARRIER  information both ways via ShippingEasy’s ecommerce integrations
  • Print shipping labels directly from your orders
  • Include UPS tracking numbers with orders
  • Real time status updates back to your Store with tracking number

UPS International

  • Customs Forms (commercial invoices) are automatically generated  for all International shipments
  • If you have Paperless Invoicing enabled, Customs Forms will be automatically sent to UPS electronically
  • If you have not enabled paperless invoicing, you will find your custom invoices for downloaded directly from the ShippingEasy app.

UPS PERKS for all shippers

  • Access all the options you need to get your package where you need it, how you need it
  • 1 click return shipments with the PDF label emailed directly to your customer
  • Add insurance, signature confirmation, adult signature requirements
  • UPS Tracking included with an easy link for both you and your buyer


  • UPS fully compliant labels available via our Ready Partner certified status
  • USPS label generated via our partner, Endicia
  • FedEx negotiated rates available by plugging in your account number to ShippingEasy
  • ALL labels, ONE system.