USPS Rolls Out App to Find Missing Packages

By Rob Zaleski
Jul 7, 2016
USPS find missing mail

In an effort to boost their eCommerce package shipping efforts, The United States Postal Service has rolled out a new app to assist both buyers and sellers in locating lost or delayed shipments: Missing Mail.

On top of their normal package tracking, this app provides periodic updates for items that fail to make it to their intended destination on time. In the event of a lost shipment, you can receive notifications of the search process until a final call is made – either the package is found and delivered or deemed lost.

What’s required to use the Missing Mail App?

It’s pretty simple, you only need two things:

  • A account (personal or business)
  • Tracking number of your lost or delayed package

How to use the Missing Mail App

The Missing Mail page is fairly straightforward. Once you log in, you’ll input some details about the missing package: tracking number, contact details, a description of the package and contents, and where you want the package to be delivered if it’s found.

After filling out the required fields, the USPS will begin the search for your package. You’ll be updated along the way, and will receive notice if your package is found and in route to your specified delivery address.

How eCommerce sellers can utilize the Missing Mail App

The beauty of this app is that it’s useful just for sellers and buyers. If customer service is working with a customer who did not receive their order, the support rep can introduce your customer to this app – or even fill it out for them! It’s never fun if mail goes missing; but with this app, you and your team are armed to help.

Some questions about the Missing Mail App going forward

This app is new and, I assume, mostly untested by many online sellers. I have some questions about this app that if answered, could help discern its usefulness beyond just finding a package.

  • Will this app prove to be useful for online sellers?
  • Does it work if a buyer claims their item is lost, yet the tracking number confirms it was delivered?
  • Will this help in insurance claims with USPS and possibly 3rd party insurance vendors?

Knowing the answer to these questions could provide real reasons for people to adopt this app within their business.


While it’s not great that packages get lost in the mail stream, it happens. USPS is acknowledging the situation and improving. By providing a service to help, they’re definitely taking a step in the right direction. To see how much money you can save using ShippingEasy’s shipping software, click below!


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