#ShowUsYourShip: The celebration that awards $2,500 cash for showing off!

By Jack Ship
Jul 12, 2017
Show Us Your Ship 2017

Ah, summer — the magical time when school is out, traffic dwindles, and spirits are high. Around here things are heating up, and it’s not just your sunburn. It’s time to grab a coworker, grab a friend, grab your pets. It’s your time to shine. It’s time… to show us your ship!

At ShippingEasy, we have a deep appreciation for the work that goes into the picking, packing, and ultimately shipping of hundreds of thousands of packages daily. Show Us Your Ship is all about sharing and celebrating YOUR hard work. Your TEAM’s hard work.

Don’t be shy! You have the opportunity to win $2,500. Buy hover-boards and start a jousting club. Hire a blimp to follow people around. Try horseback riding, or buy a new sound system for the warehouse. We’re confident you’ll find just the right use for $2,500 cash. On top of that, first place gets 6 months of ShippingEasy for FREE! To sweeten the pot even more, 1st runner-up will win $500 this year with 6 months of ShippingEasy FREE and 2nd runner-up will win $250 with 6 month of ShippingEasy FREE as well!

WHAT is Show Us Your Ship:

A celebration of the hard work that goes into making online orders appear on a door step—the magic (and stress) that goes into converting order #207549 into a Regional Rate Box A shipment, lining it with tissue paper to protect the contents within, using just the right amount of tape, and properly placing an accurate label on the box to ensure its safe arrival.

We know you turn on that magic every day, hundreds of times over. Embrace it! Celebrate it! We want you to have fun with shipping. Our team will be rewarding the team that gets most creative with their shipping haul. Show us your ups and downs. Like being featured on Good Morning America and having a flood of orders, which happened to Baking Memories 4 Kids! Or, showcase the daily puzzle you solve to maximize the number of packages that fit in the back of your hatchback like Texas Beard Company, your first label like Lovability Inc., your sisterly love at KeySocks, or your awesome team like the one at Dottie Couture.


HOW to enter:

Simply upload your most unique and creative shipping photos directly on Instagram, Twitter, the ShippingEasy Facebook page or on your own Facebook page by tagging @ShippingEasy (note: you need to like us on Facebook before you can tag) and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourShip.

P.S. You can enter as many times as you like!

HOW to win:

We’re looking for the most creative, unique and fun photos that show off your team’s magic, stress, creativity, and hard work! Here’s how can you win #ShowUsYourShip:

  • Showcase your team’s creativity, stress, problem solving, teamwork or anything that gets our attention
  • Show us your team and those involved with making your business run
  • Include pets, props and people!
  • Show off your friends at USPS, UPS, and FedEx if you’d like! Anyone and anything that helps you get those packages out to customers.


#ShowUsYourShip will start on Wednesday July 12, 2017 and run until Wednesday July 26, 2017. All entries in that period that tag @ShippingEasy and #ShowUsYourShip on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are valid. Go on, get crazy!

WINNER selection:

The ShippingEasy team will select the top 5 photo entries and our entire team will vote on the most creative, unique photo and select the winner! We will announce the lucky $2,500 grand prize winner and runner-up $500 & $250 winners on the ShippingEasy Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages on July 28th (winners will also be notified by email).

Keep an eye out for some #ShowUsYourShip inspiration on our social channels!

To read the full terms and conditions, click here.

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