We’re extending our holiday support hours for you!

By Rob Zaleski
Nov 13, 2018

The busiest time of year is upon us—holiday season! We know you’ll be putting in extra hours, which means you may need a little extra help. That’s why our Customer Success team will be here for extended periods of time on the days that matter most to you. See below for the ShippingEasy 2018 holiday hours breakdown for the entire season!

All times listed are US Central Standard Time. If a date is not listed, our normal phone, chat, and email support hours apply.

Normal hours: Phones 8 am – 6 pm, Chat/email 7 am – 7 pm.

The ShippingEasy 2018 Holiday Hours for Customer Support

ShippingEasy 2018 Holiday HoursChat/Email SupportPhone Support
Thanksgiving Day, 11/22ClosedClosed
Friday, 11/237 am -7 pmClosed
Saturday, 11/249 am - 4 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 11/2510 am - 2 pmClosed
Monday, 11/267 am - 9 pm7 am - 9 pm
Tuesday, 11/27Normal HoursNormal Hours
Wednesday, 11/28Normal HoursNormal Hours
Thursday, 11/29Normal HoursNormal Hours
Friday, 11/30Normal HoursNormal Hours
Saturday, 12/19 am - 4 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 12/210 am - 2 pmClosed
Monday. 12/3Normal HoursNormal Hours
Tuesday, 12/4Normal HoursNormal Hours
Wednesday, 12/5Normal HoursNormal Hours
Thursday, 12/6Normal HoursNormal Hours
Friday, 12/7Normal HoursNormal Hours
Saturday, 12/89 am - 4 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 12/910 am - 2 pmClosed
Monday, 12/10Normal HoursNormal Hours
Tuesday, 12/11Normal HoursNormal Hours
Wednesday, 12/12Normal HoursNormal Hours
Thursday, 12/13Normal HoursNormal Hours
Friday, 12/14Normal HoursNormal Hours
Saturday, 12/159 am - 4 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 12/1610 am - 2 pmClosed
Monday, 12/17Normal HoursNormal Hours
Tuesday, 12/18Normal HoursNormal Hours
Wednesday, 12/19Normal HoursNormal Hours
Thursday, 12/20Normal HoursNormal Hours
Friday, 12/21Normal hours8 am - 6 pm
Saturday, 12/229 am - 4 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 12/2310 am - 12 pmClosed
Christmas Eve, 12/2410 am - 2 pmClosed
Christmas Day, 12/25ClosedClosed
Wednesday, 12/26Normal hoursNormal hours
Thursday, 12/27Normal hoursNormal hours
Friday, 12/28Normal hours8 am - 6 pm
Saturday, 12/299 am - 4 pmClosed
Sunday, 12/3010 am - 12 pmClosed
Monday, 12/317 am - 4 pm8 am - 4 pm
New Year's Day, 1/1ClosedClosed
Wednesday, 1/2Normal HoursNormal Hours

Reach out if we can assist at all – we’re here to help. Happy shipping!

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