LuLaRoe BLESS | ShippingEasy’s Latest Integration

By Rob Zaleski
Jan 30, 2018

ShippingEasy is proud to announce our latest integration with the BLESS system, making LuLaRoe shipping easier for LuLaRoe Retailers everywhere, and helping them save money in the process.

Get the full breakdown from our friends at LuLaRoe. See below for the email announcement from LuLaRoe Corporate.

LuLaRoe shipping


We are so excited to announce LuLaRoe’s first ever automated integration with BLESS and ShippingEasy! This partnership allows effortless use of ShippingEasy while logged into BLESS on the web or your mobile app!

With the new ShippingEasy feature available through BLESS, orders will automatically be sent to your ShippingEasy account for faster order shipment processing!

Here’s what one Independent Fashion Retailer had to say about her experience using ShippingEasy through BLESS, during our testing phase.

LuLaRoe Shipping Testimonial

What can you expect?

  • As soon as your Consumer pays their invoice, the order will be sent to ShippingEasy so you can create labels and process shipments!
  • Log into BLESS at any time for a summary of orders shipping and to mark orders as shipped.

Here are a couple of simple steps to get started!

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the BLESS mobile app.
  • Using a desktop, set up your ShippingEasy account and then modify your ShippingEasy API settings in BLESS. Don’t have a ShippingEasy account yet? Click here to create an account.

Watch the below video tutorial for step-by-step instructions to integrate ShippingEasy with BLESS.

You can also click here to access written step-by-step instructions to integrate ShippingEasy with BLESS.

Quick Tip:
Whether using a desktop or mobile device, always check the Ship this Order option (in BLESS) on orders you want to ship, even on free shipping.

Ready to start saving time and money on your LuLaRoe shipping?

Sign up FREE for 30 days and easily integrate your BLESS store by clicking the button below.

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