Creating Lifelong Customers Through Back-to-School Marketing
back-to-school marketing

Turn Back-to-School Customers into Lifelong Customers

By Rob Zaleski, Aug 15, 2017

The great thing about back-to-school marketing season is it perfectly precedes holiday shopping season—the pivotal time of year for eCommerce sellers. You’re forming relationships right now with new and returning customers shopping during the back-to-school rush. This is the time to turn those shopping moments into lifelong relationships that will take you through this holiday season and beyond.

What kind of steps can you be taking to solidify your standing with those customers now? We’ve put together a checklist of action items for you to print and use to check off each item as you complete it in preparation for holiday season 2017.

Click the checklist to see a full, high-resolution version you can print out. Then, check out these tools that help you get more customers, keep them, boost orders, and automate communications.

Extra credit: if you’re a small business (and we know many of you are), be sure to read this great article by our friends at FitSmallBusiness, which provides more back-to-school preparation tips.

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