The Latest ShippingEasy Updates—January 2019!

By Rob Zaleski
Jan 18, 2019

All of our newest features in a nutshell

Over the holiday season, our dev team was hard at work to make sure your business hits the ground running in 2019. New additions to all parts of our platform— including shipping and customer marketing will help you build on a great holiday season and start out the year strong.

New in Shipping: three key notes

Rate Changes are coming your way. Rate changes go live Sunday, Jan. 27. Don’t get caught off guard—download our free, award-winning annual guide to rate changes now to prepare.

Multi-package shipping is faster than ever. We’ve made major improvements to the popup window for shipping multiple packages on the Ready to Ship screen. You’ll see all the packages in the shipment with an easy way to duplicate and edit package information or apply your saved selections. Another great addition is you’ll have access to your saved packages—no more typing in dimensions! Make friends with the multi-box modal.

Barcode Scan Sheets your way. We’ve added the ability to drag and drop your barcode list order so you can make sure the barcodes are in the order that makes the most sense for your business. Create and print different sheets for different stations and ditch the keyboard for faster shipping. A cleaner scan sheet creates an efficient way to barcode scan everything. Get to know the barcode basics.

ShippingEasy product updates barcode scanning

New in Customer Marketing: rebuilt with your customers in mind

Sell on Amazon in Canada and Mexico? We’ve got you covered. You want feedback from as many happy customers as possible. Our Amazon Feedback feature now supports seller and product feedback requests from customers who’ve purchased from your Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico stores. New, pre-translated templates in Spanish and French are also on their way soon!

Get more feel-good feedback from the happiest customers. If someone has previously left you negative feedback, you probably don’t want to ask them for feedback again, right? We’ve now made sure those customers are removed from future automated feedback requests—because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Before you activate a campaign, just tick the box and you’re all set. Set up your daily dose of positivity.

Build a customer contact list like a pro. We’ve completely redesigned and updated the home screen that features your customer contact information to make it more intuitive, sleeker, and easier to navigate as a whole. There is a new tab to make list management a breeze. Now, adding contacts to lists and adding tags to contacts within lists all are more streamlined. Build a list and your business.

customer marketing contact lists


Stay tuned for more releases in the coming months as we ensure you have everything you need to succeed in 2019 and beyond. Our team is always here for you and happy to help! Click below to see all our most recent product updates.

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