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By Rob Zaleski
Nov 8, 2017
fulfillment by Amazon ShippingEasy

We have some exciting news—you can now import your Fulfillment by Amazon inventory counts and shipment data into ShippingEasy! Our customers can now easily search for FBA shipments, customers, and products all from within our app.

This is exciting because this saves an immense amount of time bouncing back and forth from Amazon, comparing and merging reports, and dealing with Amazon’s inventory reporting. Take a look at some of the details below.

What inventory features are supported?

Here are three important benefits to syncing your Fulfillment by Amazon inventory counts to ShippingEasy:

  • No more Amazon inventory woes—set low-stock alerts specifically for FBA inventory
  • Make smarter repurchasing decisions with a holistic view of your inventory

Fulfillment by Amazon in ShippingEasy

What does this mean for those who manage Fulfillment by Amazon inventory?

Those who juggle Fulfillment by Amazon inventory and their own in-house inventory will find plenty to be excited about.

  • More accuracy—no more running multiple reports and merging
  • Massive time savings—no more searching through multiple systems to get all of the info you need to manage your inventory in two or more places
  • Ease of use—all your inventory and shipments can now live in one, easy-to-use interface: ShippingEasy.

Fulfillment by Amazon in ShippingEasy

How does this work for shipments fulfilled by Amazon?

Once an order is fulfilled by Amazon, it will pull into your shipments just like any other order. You’ll be able to see all these orders in your reports and even filter down to them using a new “Fulfilled by” filter within ShippingEasy. These shipments, customers, and products will all be searchable within the app as well, saving you the headache of having to search for and manage them separately in Amazon.

I’m a ShippingEasy customer. How do I enable FBA shipment import?

Easily activate FBA import from your Store Settings page in ShippingEasy – get step-by-step help here. Once the FBA order is fulfilled by Amazon, we’ll download the shipment directly to your Shipment History on the next hourly sync.

Not yet a customer, but have Fulfilled by Amazon inventory and orders? We’ve got you covered. Try us free and have a shipping expert help you get your shipments and inventory set up now.

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