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2019 Parcel Select Ground Shipping Rates

By Rob Zaleski
Nov 15, 2018
2019 Parcel Select Ground shipping rates

We’re continuing our breakdowns of the 2019 USPS shipping rate changes (view our complete overview here). Today we’re going to cover the 2019 Parcel Select Ground shipping rates. We’ll dive a little into what this shipping method is, what the rate changes are, and how that will affect online sellers using this shipping method. You’ll also find a full table of the 2019 Parcel Select shipping rates so you can begin doing your research for next year’s shipping budget.

What is Parcel Select Ground?

Parcel Select Ground is one of the least expensive but slowest USPS services offered. If a definitive delivery date or timeline is not necessary, Parcel Select Ground is a cost-effective way to ship. Domestic delivery averages 2-8 business days, but this method does not come with a guarantee. Delivery times could vary and may be delayed. Like most other USPS shipping methods now, Parcel Select Ground shipping rates are determined by weight and zone-based distance the package is traveling. Though this method comes with free delivery confirmation, there is an added fee for insurance, adult signature, and signature confirmation.

The maximum weight for Parcel Select Ground is 70 lbs. Pieces exceeding 108 inches, but not more than 130 inches in combined length and girth, are mailable at the Parcel Select Ground oversized price for the zone to which addressed.

2019 Parcel Select Ground Shipping Rates

Below is a table showing the 2019 Parcel Select Ground shipping rates you can expect to go into effect on January 27, 2019. Some key changes to note for this shipping method:

  • Parcel Select Ground shipping rates are one of the only rates to go down nearly across the board (see comparison here)
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM weight) now applies to Parcel Select Ground shipping for large, lightweight packages
  • Due to the addition of DIM weight, Balloon Pricing has been removed from Parcel Select Ground

Below are the full 2019 Parcel Select Ground shipping rates:

Parcel Select Ground        
Weight not over (lbs)Zones 1 & 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7Zone 8Zone 9
1 lb6.857.187.397.507.627.747.957.95
2 lb7.327.517.788.359.509.9810.5610.56
3 lb7.517.898.249.0611.5512.8014.9314.93
4 lb7.618.108.719.8313.5015.2917.2617.26
5 lb7.718.159.0210.1315.4217.6220.0520.05
6 lb7.818.199.1213.5717.6820.5323.4623.46
7 lb8.059.319.3615.2319.6123.1826.4026.40
8 lb8.109.7711.0616.6421.5725.5529.6929.69
9 lb8.9110.1511.5217.8623.4927.7033.0533.05
10 lb9.2810.5711.5919.3125.3930.4935.9735.97
11 lb10.5712.6713.5921.1127.2733.2138.9938.99
12 lb11.2213.4815.8322.6129.7635.9341.8541.85
13 lb11.8114.2616.5823.8331.9637.3943.3443.34
14 lb12.4215.0517.4725.2333.7739.4945.5145.51
15 lb12.9115.8418.3226.5435.0840.2646.7146.71
16 lb13.3516.6919.3227.8737.0942.5449.3049.30
17 lb13.7817.4720.2529.2438.9844.7751.9451.94
18 lb14.0518.0121.1630.5641.0646.9954.5654.56
19 lb14.3818.4321.6531.3742.9149.1957.1657.16
20 lb14.9518.7222.0931.9544.0351.0459.8359.83
21 lb15.6119.1722.6032.5244.3851.5260.6060.60
22 lb16.1119.6923.3633.1744.6851.9261.3061.30
23 lb16.5920.1623.9233.7844.9352.2861.6761.67
24 lb17.2721.0225.2835.1245.8853.6563.1863.18
25 lb17.9421.7726.8936.3046.5655.0064.2964.29
26 lb19.0323.3529.7138.2547.7056.3666.3166.31
27 lb20.1724.4031.5341.7148.3557.6868.8168.81
28 lb20.7924.7332.4242.8049.0159.0371.4171.41
29 lb21.4324.9833.3043.3749.8360.3973.3473.34
30 lb22.0725.3534.0943.9751.2461.7274.9274.92
31 lb22.6925.6034.6244.5351.9863.0976.4676.46
32 lb22.9626.1435.2045.0552.6764.4678.0378.03
33 lb23.3126.8736.0845.6553.6965.7979.4779.47
34 lb23.5327.5736.9946.6454.9767.1580.9780.97
35 lb23.7928.2337.5347.6356.4568.5082.3782.37
36 lb24.0929.0538.0248.6757.8869.4483.7783.77
37 lb24.3429.5938.5749.5459.4070.3385.1585.15
38 lb24.5830.3139.0650.5361.0671.1486.5186.51
39 lb24.8231.0239.5151.5862.5173.0287.8687.86
40 lb25.0831.6840.0252.6663.5274.6689.0689.06
41 lb25.3532.2140.4553.1364.5976.2690.3590.35
42 lb25.5432.4540.8154.0265.7377.3191.5991.59
43 lb25.8332.6941.1754.9267.3178.2792.7792.77
44 lb26.0132.9341.5355.8168.3979.2093.8293.82
45 lb26.1833.1641.9056.7169.1480.0695.0195.01
46 lb26.4133.4042.2657.6069.9280.9396.1696.16
47 lb26.6133.6442.6258.5070.6581.8697.2397.23
48 lb26.8333.8842.9859.3971.5682.6498.2798.27
49 lb27.0434.1143.3560.2972.5483.5199.2799.27
50 lb27.1534.3543.7161.1873.5684.58100.31100.31
51 lb27.5534.5944.0662.2374.5785.79101.25101.25
52 lb27.9734.8344.4262.6775.3087.09102.45102.45
53 lb28.4935.0644.7963.1875.9488.52103.76103.76
54 lb28.9035.3145.1463.7376.4889.79105.22105.22
55 lb29.3635.5445.5164.1477.1191.22106.64106.64
56 lb29.7635.7845.8764.6277.6392.51107.73107.73
57 lb30.2436.0146.2465.0178.2293.92108.69108.69
58 lb30.6936.2546.5965.4278.6895.17109.59109.59
59 lb31.1336.4946.9565.8279.1395.82110.40110.40
60 lb31.5336.7247.3166.1879.5396.38111.19111.19
61 lb32.0436.9647.6866.5279.9796.94112.69112.69
62 lb32.4337.2048.0366.8180.3597.37114.49114.49
63 lb33.0237.4448.4067.1680.8197.84116.33116.33
64 lb33.3137.6748.7667.4681.1798.29118.12118.12
65 lb33.8037.9149.1367.6781.4098.78119.97119.97
66 lb34.2438.1549.4867.9881.8299.08121.72121.72
67 lb34.7538.3950.3268.2282.0899.48123.34123.34
68 lb35.1638.6250.9668.4183.11100.00124.65124.65
69 lb35.6438.8651.6168.6184.11100.47125.97125.97
70 lb36.0139.1052.4268.8385.13100.83127.33127.33

Ship lighter packages under 1 lb.? Read the full breakdown of 2019 First Class shipping rates changes.

When should I use Parcel Select Ground, if at all?

To answer this question, you’ll want to be sure to compare rates between Parcel Select Ground and other applicable shipping methods. In the case of shipping items that have to go ground, such as restricted items, it might be your only option. Compared to Priority Mail, even with the decreased rates that Parcel Select Ground is seeing this year, the cost difference may not outweigh the short turnaround, more guaranteed delivery window, and general reliability of Priority Mail. The only area you see a major difference is packages going to Zone 9. For example:

  • Zones 1-4: you save only .10 per package using Parcel Select Ground over Priority
  • Zones 5-8: you save between .20 and .35 per package, depending on the weight
  • Zone 9: you can save quite a bit, particularly as packages get heavier

For example, on a 65 lb package going to Zone 9 (think shipping to a remote, far off location) using Priority Mail costs $173.89. Using Parcel Select Ground, it’s $119.97, a savings of $53.92. Most of the time, however, you won’t find much savings beyond Priority Mail, which comes with many benefits that are probably worth paying a few cents more for.

That said, you have to weigh the options of slower delivery, no guaranteed window, and the use of ground shipping rather than air. Ground inherently opens the opportunity for more jarring, bouncing, and jostling around of packages. It may not be worth the added risk, but it’s an option in the right situation.

It is unlikely you’ll use USPS Parcel Select Ground shipping when there are more reliable options available, but it’s important to know your options. Be sure to read up on our full overview of everything that will change on January 27, 2019, when the new USPS shipping rates go into effect. We’ll be here to help answer any questions, and our platform is here to help you make the most cost-effective shipping choices!

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