Case Study: How this Auto Parts Retailer is Thriving with ShippingEasy

Closeout Inventories saved hours a day, unlocked new marketing opportunities,
and is now re-investing their time and resources into growing their business!

Before ShippingEasy

“Processing orders previously took us half a day, and now takes minutes. That allows me to shift focus to email marketing that builds repeat business from our customers.”

Jamie Goldach

Closeout Inventories VP of Operations Jamie Goldach desperately needed automation around her shipping. Jamie manages all online sales for Closeout Inventories — a business that sells around 10,000 items on eBay and 5,000 on Amazon. Before introduction automation, at least four members of the Closeout Inventories team would spend multiple hours each morning on shipping.

Using a different platform previously to import orders led to manually printing labels throughout the day, potentially missing expedited orders, and generating each label one at a time. It became untenable. Jamie and her team knew they needed a shipping solution with automatic downloads, robust shipping automation for batch printing, and a free trial long enough to ensure that it would meet their team’s growing needs before they fully adopted it. After a few calls with our ShippingEasy expert consultation team, she decided to give the platform a try and never looked back.

How it all came together

Using ShippingEasy's shipping automation changed the game for this automotive parts retailer

Time savings were just the beginning

Closeout Inventories VP Jamie Goldach was tired of the time it took to manage the shipping part of the business. A normal day used to mean a team of 4 spending the majority of their morning to complete all orders. When Jamie came into the office in the morning, there was always a pile of orders waiting to be processed. All that changed with ShippingEasy.

“By the time I come in at 8:30 AM, my team has the orders processed and ready to ship. What took hours and many people now takes 30 minutes.”

Time savings = business growth

By streamlining all of her shipping processes, Jamie was able to turn her attention to the areas of the business that would contribute to the growth the company wanted to see. Days that used to be filled with printing labels and shipping were now focused on product and marketing - and that means reallocating team resources to different business units.

"Since drastically cutting down on shipping time through ShippingEasy's automation, we've been able to reallocate two people from the shipping department to other business units and increase productivity in those areas. Simultaneously, we've continued to hire to keep up with our growth."

Reinvesting back into the business

With team resources freed up for Product and Marketing, Jamie focused her attention on ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing tool, which allowed her to turn one-time customers into repeat customers. This was a big win, as automotive parts retail is typically a one-time sale business. Jamie doesn't come from a marketing background, so she really loved the help from Lindsay, our Email Marketing expert. Lindsay helped make it all feel effortless.

"I love how ShippingEasy reminds me of upcoming holidays and ideas for promotions in a timely fashion. Not only that, but email campaigns are all set up for me in a very turnkey way so I can be hands-off."

Customer support along the way

One of Jamie's primary concerns around making a major operational process change was having enough time to ensure it would work. She also wanted a support team available when she needed it. What really worked was the "we'll do it for you" approach of our expert consultants. In no time, Closeout Inventories had processes set up to automate their shipping and customer email marketing.

"The staff is the best part. I call and get someone on the phone right away, in Texas! They are helpful, they walk you through everything, and they never leave until everything is perfect. I love this company"

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