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More reviews drive more sales. Rate higher in search rankings and boost shopper confidence in your products. Automate review requests, receive alerts and quickly respond to customer feedback.

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Email Credits 
500/mo. $3 $20 $30
5,000/mo. $9 $80 $60
10,000/mo. $14 $80 $60
# Free Tracked ASINs 3 0 2
Drag-and-Drop Template Editor
Professionally Designed Templates HTML Only HTML Only
Product Specific Rules
Expert Onboarding
Easily Respond to Customers
Unlimited Stores +$10 each +$10 each
Unlimited Users
Advanced Support (Email, Phone, Chat) Some plans Some plans
Seller & Product Feedback Alerts
Intuitive Dashboards
Exclude (Blacklist) Specific Customers
(Avoid customers who left negative feedback)
Unlimited Campaigns Some plans
Negative Feedback Alerts Some plans
Advanced Feedback Request Options
(Time-delay based on ordered, shipped, or delivered)
Some plans

Ready to make the switch?

At ShippingEasy, we make it easy to move your data and continue to offer customer delight with no interruption to your day. Add your ASINs and start tracking in minutes.

How do we help manage your feedback?

ShippingEasy is built for e-commerce and Amazon sellers. We believe that feedback management is key to your success, so our automation and customizable templates are designed to help you look your best online.

Monitor Your Product Reviews

Stay competitive by tracking and responding to your product reviews and stay engaged with one click.

Increase Seller Feedback

View feedback in an intuitive dashboard where you can monitor reviews and respond in a snap.

Easy Automated Emails

Pre-built templates that can be branded and customized to elevate your business.

Advanced Campaign Rules

With more order data, personalize your feedback requests to deliver meaningful messaging.

Feedback Alerts

Email alerts for product and seller reviews direct to your inbox.

Onboarding with an Expert

Receive onboarding and ongoing support to help you navigate the world of Amazon reviews.

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